Spotlight on Service: Honoring Brandi Kist’s Dedication

Mar 19, 2024 | 2023-2024, Blog

By Laurie Temple, NFHCA Digital Communications Specialist

In our Member Spotlight on Service, we extend our gratitude to Brandi Kist, whose unwavering dedication to the field hockey community shines brightly. Over the past eight seasons, she has served as the head coach at Queens University of Charlotte, building upon a nine-year tenure leading the field hockey team at Appalachian State University.

Her commitment extends beyond collegiate coaching, as she had previously served as an assistant coach for the USAFH South Region High Performance Team and contributed her expertise to the USFHA Futures Program. Holding a USFHA Level 2 Coaching accreditation further underscores her passion and proficiency in nurturing talent. She has also served on several NFHCA committees.

Join us in celebrating Kist’s invaluable contributions to our sport.

Q: What motivated you to volunteer within the NFHCA?
A. Every year there is a call to action for volunteers. The NFHCA is primarily run by those willing to give their time to support our sport, coaches, and organization. I want to continue to support our mission and coaches and this is one way to help.

Q: You have volunteered a lot for the NFHCA. Can you tell us about the various committees and groups you have been a part of? 
A. I have served on three committees. First was the DII Regional Advisory Committee. Currently, I am serving on the DEI Committee and the Coaches of Color Committee.

Q: What is one thing you learned about yourself during your time volunteering with the NFHCA?
A. I really enjoyed creating new connections and strengthening others with a group of coaches who are likeminded in supporting our organization and sport. It has provided a better sense of community. I also have a better appreciation for what goes into operating the NFHCA and seeing how vital volunteers are to making things function for the organization.

Q: As a collegiate head coach, can you explain the value you see in the NFHCA?
A. The NFHCA has been evolving in a good way. The organization is taking steps to better support coaches, provide opportunities for growth, to network, and give back.

Q: Give us your elevator pitch as to “Why should other collegiate coaches volunteer within the NFHCA?”
A. Coaches are the organization. In anything, if you want to see real meaningful change don’t just talk about it, be about it. Step up and get involved. The more coaches get involved, the better the organization will be. Our strength comes with the passion of those that volunteer. It is a great way to network, learn about different perspectives and experiences through the field hockey community.

Q: Where do you see the NFHCA five years from now?
A. I would love to see the NFHCA as an example, a leader, for other sports coaches’ organizations. I want other groups to look at the NFHCA and say, “Look at what they are doing, that’s great, let’s do that too!”

Rapid Fire Questions

Q: Your top three hobbies outside of field hockey?
A. Spending time with my family. Recently I have been brushing up on my Mario Kart skills so hopefully I stop losing all the time to my 10 year old twins! I love to travel and spend time hiking and running on the trails with my dog!

Q: You win the lottery tomorrow and it can only be used for travel – where would you go?
A. Italy! Love the food, the sites, and the history! I would also love to go back to explore New Zealand more.

Q: Would you rather coach in 90+ degree heat or in a snowstorm?
A. Snowstorm for sure, give me all the layers!

Q: #1 life lesson you have learned while coaching.
A. Appreciate the journey and those you cross paths with. The seasons go by fast, and the most valuable thing is the relationships built along the way.

We are grateful for the opportunity to spotlight Brandi Kist, an accomplished and dedicated coach, during our quarterly Spotlight on Service.

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