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2021-2022 NFHCA Member Pricing

 Head CoachAssistant CoachBundle*Other
Division I$300$100$450
Division II$225$100$350
Division III$225$100$350
All 2021-2022 memberships will expire on June 30, 2022.
* A bundle includes one head coach membership, plus three assistant coach memberships!
** Scholastic coaches include elementary and secondary school coaches, varsity and junior varsity levels.
*** Affiliate members include former coach in the United States, international coach, athletic administrator, conference administrator, umpire, business representative, friend of the sport, recreational coach.


Coaches must establish a NFHCA membership by September 30, 2021 to participate in NFHCA 2021-2022 student-athlete award programs.

Membership FAQs

What is a bundle?

The NFHCA is now offering staff bundles at every group level. The bundle includes one head coach membership and three assistant coach memberships. Prices vary from group to group.

At the collegiate level, coaches can register any staff member under their bundle, but only associate head coaches, assistant coaches, director of operations, technical directors, graduate assistants, and field hockey interns will be granted active member status. Other registrants (administrators, sports information directors, other) will be granted affiliate member status.

How do I add coaches to my bundle?
  1. Log in and visit the NFHCA members-only page.
  2. Scroll down to the Account Information section
  3. Select the “Subscriptions” tab
  4. If you purchased a bundle, “Sub Accounts” should appear under Subscriptions, select “Sub Accounts”
  5. From there, a search bar and sub account information should appear
  6. Copy the “Signup URL” and email it to the staff who will join your bundle — they’ll set up their account through that link!
  7. After they register, staff members will appear under “Sub Accounts” on the head coach’s account



My institution requires I pay by check — how can I join by mail?
Download the NFHCA membership application and mail the completed form with payment to the NFHCA at:


P.O. Box 49098

Colorado Springs, CO 80949

What is the difference between an active membership and an affiliate membership?

Active members are those actively coaching at the collegiate, high school, and club levels. Active coaches can nominate student-athletes for awards, can vote in group elections, and can vote at official NFHCA meetings.

Affiliate members are those interested in field hockey and who support the mission of the NFHCA, but are not actively coaching at the collegiate, high school, and club level. Affiliate members can only nominate for NFHCA awards (Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement, Junior Hockey Award), but cannot nominate student-athletes for awards. Affiliate members can lend their voice to motions at official NFHCA meetings, but they cannot vote.

To learn more about the differences in membership, review our bylaws.

Where is the High School Coach membership?

Since the adoption of our new bylaws, high school coaches are now referred to as “Scholastic Coaches.”

Scholastic members include elementary and secondary coaches at the junior varsity and varsity levels.

Review the scholastic membership options here.

What happened to the Lifetime membership?

The Lifetime membership option was eliminated with the creation of the new NFHCA bylaws. Those interested in supporting the NFHCA and who are interested in the sport of field hockey, should register as an affiliate member.

To learn more about the differences in membership, review our bylaws.

I was just hired as my institution’s field hockey coach — how do I join?


Email to see if your institution is already a member. If it is, we can transfer your institution’s membership to you — this is an important step so that we can communicate directly with you regarding award nominations, deadlines, and other group-specific information.

I am no longer working at the institution affiliated with my membership, am I still an NFHCA member?

Active memberships reside with the institution, not the individual. If you are no longer working at the institution that your membership was created with, you are no longer an NFHCA member.

We encourage you to join the NFHCA as an affiliate member so you can stay involved in the NFHCA and connected with our community.