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What is the plan for 2020-2021 NFHCA awards?

Read this update from the NFHCA regarding the 2020-2021 awards program.

Most important items to note are:

  1. Coaches must be paid members in order to nominate their student-athletes for any NFHCA awards.
  2. The season will run from September 2020 to May 2021.
  3. The nomination calendar will be announced at a later date.
  4. Aside from High School/Club Player of the Month and Collegiate Player of the Week awards, coaches have not missed any nomination deadlines yet (as of October 26, 2020).
How do I nominate a student-athlete for the NFHCA's High School All-Region/All-American award program?

The nomination deadline has not been set for the High School All-Region/All-American award program yet.

A nomination calendar will be released and shared with all members via email after selection committees have had an opportunity to meet in December.

Continue to collect relevant statistics from your season and look for an email from the NFHCA with updates (make sure you add to your email address book to ensure delivery). You must be a paid member to nominate student-athletes for any 2020-2021 NFHCA award.


How do I join the NFHCA?

Visit our join page for membership registration forms.

What do I get with an NFHCA membership?

See our member benefits page for a full list of benefits.

What is the difference between an active membership and an affiliate membership?

Active members (collegiate, high school, and club coaches) can nominate student-athletes for awards, can vote in group elections, and can vote at official NFHCA meetings.

Affiliate members can nominate for NFHCA awards (Hall of Fame, Lifetime Achievement, Junior Hockey Award), but cannot nominate student-athletes for awards. Affiliate members can lend their voice to motions at official NFHCA meetings, but they cannot vote.

I was just hired as my institution’s field hockey coach — how do I join?


Email to see if your institution is already a member. If it is, we can transfer your institution’s membership to you — this is an important step so that we can communicate directly with you regarding award nominations, deadlines, and other group-specific information.

I am no longer working at the institution affiliated with my membership, am I still an NFHCA member?

Active memberships reside with the institution, not the individual. If you are no longer working at the institution that your membership was created with, you are no longer an NFHCA member.

We encourage you to join the NFHCA as a Friend of the Game or as a Lifetime member so you can stay involved in the NFHCA and connected with our community.

My institution requires I pay by check — how can I join by mail?

Visit our join page for more information about registering by mail.

What is a secondary affiliation?

A secondary affiliation allows you to denote if you are a club coach or an umpire in addition to being a collegiate or scholastic coach.

When you list a secondary affiliation as a club coach, you will be able to vote in club elections, vote in club meetings, nominate athletes for club awards, and receive club-related communications from the NFHCA.

When you list a secondary affiliation as an umpire, you will receive umpire-related communications the NFHCA.

Membership Bundles

What is an assistant coach or program bundle?

For 2020-2021 only, collegiate assistant coach memberships have been replaced by assistant coach bundles and high school program memberships have been replaced by high school program bundles.

Previously, the NFHCA payment structure was a set fee PER collegiate assistant coach. For 2020-2021, programs can enroll ALL of their assistant coaches for one flat fee.

Similarly, in the past, high school programs could enroll a head coach and one assistant coach for a set fee. For 2020-2021, high school programs can enroll ALL of their program’s coaching staff — including both varsity and junior varsity — for one flat fee.

Once a bundle is purchased, each program’s coach will be given a coupon code to create their own individual registration. Find more information about how to bundle, here. Each registered coach will receive their own personal login and will be an individual, active member of the NFHCA.

How do I create a bundle?

For collegiate assistant coaches:

  1. Create and pay for ONE assistant coach membership through our registration page
  2. Once payment has processed, a coupon code will be emailed to the assistant coach who registered
  3. Share that coupon code with the rest of your program’s staff members
  4. Each staff member should create a collegiate assistant coach membership through our registration page and use the provided coupon code at checkout

For high school programs:

  1. Create and pay for ONE high school head coach membership
  2. Once payment has processed, a coupon code will be emailed to the head coach who registered
  3. Share that coupon code with the rest of your program’s staff members
  4. Each staff member should create an high school assistant coach membership and use the coupon code at checkout


I’m an assistant coach and I don’t have access to nominate student-athletes for awards.

For logistic purposes, only head coach members have access to the student-athlete award nomination links. Please reach out to your head coach to decide on how you would like to proceed.

Help! My old login information isn’t working.

In May 2020 the NFHCA transitioned away from to for all internal, members-only activity. Your old username and password will not work on this new site.

In order to log in to the members-only sections of this site, you must establish a 2020-2021 NFHCA membership.

If you are a 2019-2020 NFHCA member who would like to renew or extend your membership, please email for more information.

How do I post a job?

To post a job opening on the NFHCA Job Board, first log in using your email address and password, then visit and select “Post a Job.”

Other Questions

My SID has questions about the NFHCA — what do I tell them?

Direct your program’s Sport Information Director to our SID Help page for answers to all of their questions.

If your SID is new to your program, be sure they email so that they can be added to our SID contact list.

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