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Our Partnership

The NFHCA launched a long term partnership with SportsRecruits to launch the co-branded NFHCARecruits in 2023. NFHCARecruits allows college coaches to search through a database of thousands of prospective student-athlete profiles and video. Layered on top of the NFHCARecruits platform is the EventBeacon App, which is a sideline evaluation tool for college coaches to use on site at recruiting events. Student-athlete profiles on NFHCARecruits flow directly into EventBeacon to provide college coaches with complete information coupled with event schedules and evaluation tools.

Getting Started

Both the NFHCARecruits platform and EventBeacon app are completely provided at no cost to college coaches, accessible via your college program issued email address. In order to login to your account, please follow the steps below:

  • Head to the NFHCARecruits College Coach Login Page
  • Input your email address, then click “Continue”
  • You should already be entered in the SportsRecruits database, in which case you will then see the option to “Create an Account,” click that button
    • This will send you an email to set a password for this account
  • If your email needs to be updated in SportsRecruits database, you will receive notice and the SportsRecruits team will reach out to ensure that your access to the platform is corrected
    • If you’re having any trouble, please reach out to theNFHCA SportsRecruits liaison via
  • Once you have successfully activated your SportsRecruits account and set a password, you will use these same credentials to access the EventBeacon App


Discover Feed

The Discover feed on NFHCARecruits is a place for any college coach to search through the entire database of field hockey student-athletes to discover prospective student-athletes to recruit. To learn more about this feature, check out the SportsRecruits help desk: Navigating the Discover Feed as a College Coach.

Roster Needs

On NFHCARecruits, you and your staff have the ability to publish Roster Needs, which is a way for you to indicate specific positions you are looking for in upcoming grad years. Once a Need is published, your ‘My Needs’ feed will only display athletes who meet the defined criteria. These Needs will also be visible to student-athletes, clubs, and high schools that use the NFHCARecruits platform. Student-athletes are then able to understand how they may fit your program and when they should (and should not) email you. Here is information on how to Create and Edit Roster Needs as a College Coach.

EventBeacon On-Demand

Access thousands of hours of footage from recruiting events across the country via EventBeacon On-Demand. Within this video library, search for film by event name, athlete or team. From there, watch film with side-by-side team rosters, athlete profiles, and evaluation tools: Accessing Event Film as a College Coach.

Discover Feed, SportsRecruits/EventBeacon
EventBeacon on Demand Example


EventBeacon will be provided at NFHCA partnered events – allowing college coaches to access event schedules along with information on all athletes in attendance. Using EventBeacon coaches can build athlete Watchlists, assign games to their staff, take evaluations on athletes and more. The following tutorial will help you to get started.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is NFHCARecruits built for?

The platform is built for everyone in the women’s field hockey recruiting process – student-athletes and families, club and high school coaches and staff, and college coaches.

Why did you launch NFHCARecruits?

From ensuring college coaches have reliable athlete data, to giving student-athletes a platform to maximize their exposure, we believe technology can transform the recruiting process. By putting the right tools into everyone’s hands, we hope to create a more accessible and successful process for all.

What does "powered by SportsRecruits" mean?

We’re partnering with SportsRecruits to provide the technical and support infrastructure of NFHCARecruits. This partnership ensures a feature-rich and reliable product experience for all of our users. If you have questions, the SportsRecruits Customer Success team is ready to help.

I have additional questions and feedback - what do I do?

The SportsRecruits team is dedicated to this long term partnership, and to getting better everyday. Should you have any questions or feedback on their suite of tools, we encourage you to reach out to their coach success team via

To learn more about the functionality of these tools and our partnership, tune in to the following webinar.