NFHCA National Coaches Poll

Division I

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The Penn Monto/NFHCA Division I Coaches Poll is a composite ranking of the top 25 teams in the nation each week. Each Division I team with an NFHCA member coach is permitted one vote for the ranking each week.

Polls are announced every Tuesday during the field hockey playing season beginning on September 10 and ending on November 12. The preseason poll will be announced on Tuesday, August 27, 2019.

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — November 12, 2019

RankInstitutionRecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina19-0900 (36)1
2University of Connecticut18-38293▲ 1
3University of Maryland16-37652▼ 1
4University of Virginia16-47524
5University of Louisville15-57066▲ 1
6University of Iowa16-47037▲ 1
7Boston College13-76549▲ 2
8Duke University13-76285▼ 3
9Princeton University13-46088▼ 1
10University of Delaware16-351511▲ 1
11University of Michigan13-650110▼ 1
11Northwestern University14-750114▲ 3
13Syracuse University12-647612▼ 1
14Saint Joseph's University17-347513▼ 1
15Stanford University15-638017▲ 2
16Harvard University (13-4)13-432515▼ 1
17Old Dominion University11-730918▲ 1
18Rutgers University10-824916▼ 3
19Liberty University10-824119
20Monmouth University14-515820
21Wake Forest University9-1112621
22Penn State University8-12122Not ranked
23American University13-511925▲ 2
24Ohio State University9-910922▼ 2
25Fairfield University18-210224▼ 1

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — November 5, 2019

RankInstitutionRecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina17-01175 (47)1
2University of Maryland16-210952
3University of Connecticut16-310333
4University of Virginia15-39556▲ 2
5Duke University13-69044▼ 1
6University of Louisville14-48905▼ 1
7University of Iowa13-48389▲ 2
8Princeton University12-48107▼ 1
9Boston College11-679010▲ 1
10University of Michigan13-57288▼ 2
11University of Delaware14-364412▲ 1
12Syracuse University12-564314▲ 2
13Saint Joseph's University15-360813
14Northwestern University13-659311▼ 3
15Harvard University12-448215
16Rutgers University10-741616
17Stanford University12-640917
18Old Dominion University10-637519▲ 1
19Liberty University10-737318▼ 1
20Monmouth University13-424421▲ 1
21Wake Forest University9-1023520▼ 1
22Ohio State University9-818622
23William & Mary12-613723
24Fairfield University16-29624
25American University11-570Not ranked

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — October 29, 2019

RankInstitutionRecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina16-01275 (51)1
2University of Maryland15-211892
3University of Connecticut14-311333
4Duke University12-510494
5University of Louisville14-310365
6University of Virginia13-39606
7Princeton University11-48779▲ 2
8University of Michigan13-48667▼ 1
9University of Iowa12-48458▼ 1
10Boston College10-674513▲ 3
11Northwestern University12-670010▼ 1
12University of Delaware12-366312
13Saint Joseph's University14-265311▼ 2
14Syracuse University11-565015▲ 1
15Harvard University10-454214▼ 1
16Rutgers University10-651218▲ 2
17Stanford University11-648516▼ 1
18Liberty University9-536217▼ 1
19Old Dominion University9-635919
20Wake Forest University8-927120
21Monmouth University12-425821
22Ohio State University8-821222
23College of William & Mary11-5184Not ranked
24Fairfield University14-210324
25Providence College12-59525

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — October 22, 2019

RankInstitutionRecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina14-01200 (48)1
2University of Maryland14-211072
3University of Connecticut13-310073
4Duke University11-410064
5University of Louisville13-29695
6University of Virginia13-39337▲ 1
7University of Michigan12-38529▲ 2
8University of Iowa11-48086▼ 2
9Princeton University10-47888▼ 1
10Northwestern University12-571110
11Saint Joseph's University13-167112▲ 1
12University of Delaware10-364611▼ 1
13Boston College10-564313
14Harvard University10-356614
15Syracuse University9-556315
16Stanford University10-646416
17Liberty University9-441617
18Rutgers University8-637218
19Old Dominion University8-531919
20Wake Forest University7-826920
21Monmouth University10-422423▲ 2
22Ohio State University6-818521▼ 1
23University at Albany10-617622▼ 1
24Fairfield University12-211024
25Providence College10-57725

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — October 15, 2019

RankInstitutionRecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina12-01125 (45)1
2University of Maryland13-110422
3University of Connecticut12-29923
4Duke University10-39474
5University of Louisville10-28655
6University of Iowa10-38326
7University of Virginia11-38179▲ 2
8Princeton University8-47737▼ 1
9University of Michigan10-374811▲ 2
10Northwestern University11-56628▼ 2
11University of Delaware8-364710▼ 1
12Saint Joseph's University11-159612
13Boston College8-553817▲ 4
14Harvard University8-351613▼ 1
15Syracuse University8-448814▼ 1
16Stanford University9-547216
17Liberty University8-339615▼ 2
18Rutgers University6-630419▲ 1
19Old Dominion University7-530322▲ 3
20Wake Forest University6-728120
21Ohio State University6-626718▼ 3
22University at Albany9-514621▼ 1
23Monmouth University8-412925▲ 2
24Fairfield University10-211523▼ 1
25Providence College8-568Not ranked

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — October 8, 2019

RankInstitutionRecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina10-01200 (48)1
2University of Maryland11-111074▲ 2
3University of Connecticut10-210363
4Duke University8-310062▼ 2
5University of Louisville10-19786▲ 1
6University of Iowa9-28767▲ 1
7Princeton University7-479012▲ 5
8Northwestern University10-47795▼ 3
9University of Virginia10-27528▼ 1
10University of Delaware8-272411▲ 1
11University of Michigan8-37039▼ 2
12Saint Joseph's University10-170110▼ 2
13Harvard University7-251619▲ 6
14Syracuse University8-348914
15Liberty University7-247813▼ 2
16Stanford University7-547316
17Boston College5-644117
18Ohio State University6-440115▼ 3
19Rutgers University5-538618▼ 1
20Wake Forest University5-632620
21University at Albany9-322921
22Old Dominion University6-420822
23Fairfield University9-213823
24Cornell University5-2124Not ranked
25Monmouth University7-489Not ranked

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — October 1, 2019

RankInstitutionRecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina9-01149 (45)1
2Duke University8-11040 (1)2
3University of Connecticut9-110353
4University of Maryland9-19704
5Northwestern University10-28977▲ 2
6University of Louisville8-18736
7University of Iowa7-28118▲ 1
8University of Virginia8-27945▼ 3
9University of Michigan6-37099
10Saint Joseph's University8-169611▲ 1
11University of Delaware6-168912▲ 1
12Princeton University4-463210▼ 2
13Liberty University6-154413
14Syracuse University7-253319▲ 5
15Ohio State University5-445614▼ 1
16Stanford University6-542215▼ 1
17Boston College4-537517
18Rutgers University4-436218
19Harvard University5-236016▼ 3
20Wake Forest University4-534821▲ 1
21University at Albany7-317120▼ 1
22Old Dominion University5-316722
23Fairfield University7-215623
24Michigan State University5-510524
25Northeastern University5-375Not ranked

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — September 24, 2019

RankInstitutionRecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina7-01289 (41)1
2Duke University7-01221 (11)2
3University of Connecticut7-111334▼ 1
4University of Maryland7-110983▲ 1
5University of Virginia6-110185
6University of Louisville6-19447▼ 1
7Northwestern University8-287511▼ 4
8University of Iowa5-28728
9University of Michigan5-28369
10Princeton University3-37356▲ 4
11Saint Joseph's University6-169815▼ 4
12University of Delaware5-168310▲ 2
13Liberty University5-162213
14Ohio State University4-356912▲ 2
15Stanford University6-352516▼ 1
16Harvard University3-246814▲ 2
17Boston College4-346117
18Rutgers University4-345721▼ 3
19Syracuse University6-238319
20University at Albany5-327220
21Wake Forest University2-527118▲ 3
22Old Dominion University5-220622
23Fairfield University7-1196Not ranked
24Michigan State University5-210123▲ 1
25Monmouth University5-385Not ranked

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — September 17, 2019

RankInstitution (Record)RecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina5-01292 (45)1
2Duke University6-01196 (6)2
3University of Maryland6-111184▲ 1
4University of Connecticut5-110653▼ 1
5University of Virginia5-19696▲ 1
6Princeton University3-19355▼ 1
7University of Louisville6-0915 (1)8▲ 1
8University of Iowa4-28767▼ 1
9University of Michigan4-280911▲ 2
10University of Delaware5-07889▼ 1
11Northwestern University5-268413▼ 2
12Ohio State University4-263412
13Liberty University4-061716▲ 3
14Harvard University2-252010▼ 4
15Saint Joseph's University4-151014▼ 1
16Stanford University5-343518▲ 2
17Boston College3-339919▲ 2
18Wake Forest University1-434215▼ 3
19Syracuse University5-132523▲ 4
20University at Albany2-332220
21Rutgers University3-331521
22Old Dominion University4-1285Not ranked
23Michigan State University4-219425▲ 2
24Penn State University0-517617▼ 7
25Boston University3-313222▼ 3

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — September 10, 2019

RankInstitutionRecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina4-01129 (37)1
2Duke University4-01037 (2)3▲ 1
3University of Connecticut4-01020 (4)4▲ 1
4University of Maryland3-1943 (1)2▼ 2
5Princeton University1-1915 (1)5
6University of Virginia4-082711▲ 5
7University of Iowa3-17468▲ 1
8University of Louisville5-069412▲ 4
9University of Delaware4-065916▲ 7
10Harvard University1-16366▼ 4
11University of Michigan2-26307▼ 4
12Ohio State University3-157314▲ 2
13Northwestern University3-255015▲ 2
14Saint Joseph's University3-048117▲ 3
15Wake Forest University1-345310▼ 5
16Liberty University3-043320▲ 4
17Penn State University0-33879▼ 8
18Stanford University2-238121▲ 3
19Boston College1-332413▼ 6
20University at Albany1-229222▲ 2
21Rutgers University2-226319▼ 2
22Boston University3-125623▲ 1
23Syracuse University3-116418▼ 5
24University of Maine0-38224
25Michigan State University 3-178Unranked

NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll — August 27, 2019

RankInstitutionRecordPoints (First place votes)Previous RankingChange
1University of North Carolina821 (31)
2University of Maryland746
3Duke University687 (2)
4University of Connecticut665
5Princeton University664
6Harvard University587
7University of Michigan518
8University of Iowa511
9Penn State University491
10Wake Forest University480
11University of Virginia425
12University of Louisville413
13Boston College313
14Ohio State University310
15Northwestern University298
16University of Delaware296
17Saint Joseph's University292
18Syracuse University283
19Rutgers University260
20Liberty University246
21Stanford University224
22University at Albany178
23Boston University127
24University of Maine109
25William & Mary 84
The NFHCA Division I National Coaches Poll is voted on by NFHCA member coaches and has no bearing on selection to the 2019 NCAA Division I Field Hockey Championship.


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