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As the final whistle blows on your collegiate or high school field hockey career, your journey with the sport doesn’t have to end there. Embrace the opportunity to transition from player to mentor, from competitor to coach or umpire, and continue to be an integral part of the vibrant field hockey community. The National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) encourages you to stay in the game, not just to sustain it but to enrich it. By becoming a coach or umpire, you’re not only extending your love for the sport but also ensuring its legacy thrives for generations to come. Share your knowledge and love of the game with others.


With over 1800 high schools, more than 300 clubs, and nearly 300 NCAA teams offering field hockey across the U.S., numerous coaching opportunities await. Aspiring coaches can pursue coaching education at various levels through:

Interested in coaching? Be sure to check out the NFHCA Job Board and upload your resume to the NFHCA Resume Bank at no cost.  New jobs are posted weekly and current coach members browse the NFHCA Resume Bank for many of their assistant coach job vacancies.


A national shortage of umpires persists across all levels of the game. Avenues for becoming and developing as an umpire are available through organizations such as:



For those keen to continue playing, adult leagues are prevalent across the country, facilitated by clubs, the United States Field Hockey League (USFHL), and USA Field Hockey. Structured adult competitions cater to players of all skill levels, ensuring that the joy of field hockey remains accessible to everyone.  Don’t stop playing! There are O35, O45, and O55 U.S. Master’s teams to aspire to as well.


Our “Stay in the Game” initiative is committed to equipping players with the resources and support they need to transition seamlessly into coaching and umpiring roles. Every individual has the potential to contribute to the growth and development of our sport, and we’re here to champion those opportunities. With this vision in mind, the pathways available for players to continue their journey in field hockey include coaching, umpiring, and playing. As the NFHCA champions the longevity and vibrancy of field hockey, players can rest assured that there’s a place for them to thrive within the sport long after their school years end.

Cate Clark

Executive Director, NFHCA

‘Stay In the Game’ Webinar Coach & Umpire Panel 

Coaching Education Resources

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Aspire Academy
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USAFH Coach Ed

Did You Know

Over 200 field hockey coaching jobs are posted on the NFHCA Job Board annually, mostly at the collegiate level.


Did You Know

Umpiring jobs can be secured year round with the fall outdoor season, winter indoor season, and spring/summer club & USA FH tournaments.

Did You Know

The NFHCA and USA Field Hockey offer many virtual and in person coach education opportunities.


The National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) is a nonprofit organization serving field hockey coaches and supporters of the game from across the United States. The mission of the association is to champion, strengthen, and celebrate field hockey coaches and the game. The NFHCA strives to be the organization that every field hockey coach looks to for the resources to grow in the game and the inspiration to stay in the game.

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