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Honolulu Field Hockey Club Honored with NFHCA DEI Spotlight Award

Honolulu Field Hockey Club Honored with NFHCA DEI Spotlight Award

NFHCA Welcomes New Team Members

NFHCA Welcomes New Team Members

Clark named NFHCA May Club Player of the Month

Clark named NFHCA May Club Player of the Month

NFHCA Resources


The STAND Up to Harassment guide is a must-have for every coaching bag.

New Coach Toolkit

A curated guide for people brand-new to field hockey coaching.

Annual Drill Booklets

15 drills from 15 coaches

$18, free for members!

Drill of the Week

The NFHCA Drill of the Week newsletter brings you a new field hockey drill every Monday during the field hockey season.

NFHCA Job Board

Explore the most-visited field hockey job board in the country for position openings at all levels.

NFHCA Resume Bank

The NFHCA Resume Bank is a collection of resumes submitted by NCAA student-athletes interested in coaching field hockey.

NFHCA Drill Library

The NFHCA’s Drill Library includes over 75 field hockey drills, multiple drill booklets for purchase (free for members), and free field templates to help you create your next great drill!

3 vs. 3 Sneak Attack

3 vs. 3 Sneak Attack

 Break into the attack red zone on the move and quickly shoot and score. 3 vs. 3 Sneak Attack.Objective: To break ...

2022-2025 NFHCA Strategic Plan

Fortifying our foundation.

Building on our strengths.

Establishing a clear path forward.

Review the strategic plan.

NFHCA Membership

The National Field Hockey Coaches Association is a professional resource for coaches who want to learn, connect with their colleagues, and recognize their student-athletes. With an NFHCA membership, you will be joining a national network of over 1,300 other field hockey coaches from all levels of the game!

Benefits by Member Group

“The NFHCA has had a profound effect on field hockey in the USA since its inception. Thousands of high school athletes have been recognized through athletic and academic awards. Coaches have been acknowledged for outstanding accomplishments. Their drills and resources have been helpful throughout the years.

I am so appreciative of the leadership of the NFHCA for all they have done to promote field hockey. I highly encourage field hockey coaches at all levels to become NFHCA members.”

Linda Kreiser

Head Varsity Coach, Lower Dauphin High School (PA)