Member Spotlight: Brittany Hansrote – Advocating Growth and Excellence in Field Hockey

Jul 1, 2024 | 2023-2024, Blog

By Laurie Temple, NFHCA Digital Communications Specialist

Photo Credit: Mansfield University Athletic Communications

Manahawkin, NJ -​ In our latest Member Spotlight, we turn our attention to Brittany Hansrote, head coach at Mansfield University. For Hansrote, the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) has been instrumental in her professional growth, community engagement, and personal fulfillment through volunteer work.

A 2009 Mansfield University graduate, she boasts two All-American accolades and is about to embark on her 10th season leading the Mountaineer field hockey squad. Notably, Hansrote is the first alum from Mansfield University to take the helm as head coach of the program.

We recently caught up with Hansrote to hear about her experiences as a member of the NFHCA and what drives her to volunteer with the organization.

When asked about her motivation to volunteer within the NFHCA, Hansrote emphasizes the broader benefits of professional involvement. “I think it’s important to be involved in your profession beyond one aspect,” she reflects. “Idea sharing, collaboration, relationship building, learning and understanding different viewpoints are just a few key areas that have helped me to grow as a professional.”

Her dedication extends beyond mere participation; Hansrote has actively served on several NFHCA committees, including the DII Senior Team Selection Committee, the DII All-American Committee, and the Hall of Fame Committee. Each role has provided unique insights and opportunities for impact. “Being part of these committees has taught me that it’s bigger than yourself,” she explains. “What you contribute makes a difference in the lives of others in so many facets.”

Throughout her journey, Hansrote acknowledges the invaluable guidance of mentors like Steve McCloskey, the former Sports Information Director at Mansfield University. “Steve was a voice of reason to me,” she recalls warmly. “He always knew exactly what to say to put things in perspective and motivate me to stay the course.”

As a collegiate head coach, Hansrote sees profound value in the NFHCA’s role within the field hockey community. “What you put into it is what you get out of it,” she asserts. “Whether it’s serving on a committee, mentoring younger coaches, or contributing to the organization’s strategic direction, the NFHCA offers countless opportunities for growth and professional development.”

When asked about her elevator pitch for why other college coaches should volunteer within the NFHCA, Hansrote stresses the organization’s unique benefits. “You have an opportunity to have a voice and truly make an impact,” she urges. “It’s about shaping the future of our sport and fostering a supportive community of coaches who are eager to learn and grow together.”

Looking ahead, Hansrote is optimistic about the NFHCA’s future. “The organization’s strategic goals—Expand Our Community, Promote Our Sport, Inspire Excellence, and Be The Voice—have laid a strong foundation,” she predicts. “I believe the next five years will bring even greater advancements, enhancing the NFHCA’s influence and resources for its members.”

Hansrote’s journey with the NFHCA exemplifies the transformative power of volunteerism in coaching. Her story not only underscores the importance of professional engagement but also serves as an inspiring example of leadership and dedication within the field hockey community.

As she continues to make her mark both on and off the field, Hansrote’s commitment to the NFHCA remains a testament to the impact that individuals can have when they invest their time and expertise in fostering a stronger, more vibrant community of coaches.

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