Unwavering Dedication: Celebrating Laura-Ann Lane

Apr 18, 2023 | 2022-2023, Blog

By Kelly Blackhurst, NFHCA Awards & Digital Communications Manager

In honor of National Volunteer Month, we chatted with Laura-Ann Lane, the accomplished head field hockey coach at Nichols College and one of the 2023 recipients of the prestigious NFHCA President’s Service Award. Lane boasts an impressive coaching career spanning over three decades. Her expertise has led her teams to numerous conference championships and national tournament appearances, making her a force to be reckoned with in the field hockey world. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with volunteering and serving the NFHCA.

Q: Tell us about an early memory of volunteering and how that sparked an interest to continue.
A: Giving back has always been a part of who I am. It’s not something I have ever thought about — someone needs help; a job needs to get done, I step in. For me it’s about serving and volunteering because it’s the right thing to do.

Q: You’ve volunteered a lot for the NFHCA! Tell us all the various committees and groups you have been a part of.
A: I have had the honor of serving on several committees: Nominating Committee, Convention Committee, Collegiate Senior Game Committee (as both a member and Chair) and All-American Committee I also serve as a mentor for the Campfire Mentoring Program. Could be more? I have been an NFHCA member for a long time!

Q: What is one thing you learned about yourself while serving the NFHCA?
A: Being around good people, who have a growth mindset and are willing to do whatever it takes, is inspiring and provides me the drive to continue along my journey as a coach.

Q: Tell us in one sentence why others should volunteer within the NFHCA!
A: Only one sentence?! Being able to support and give back to this organization, to do my part in helping it thrive has been so rewarding. It is a way to thank and honor those who came before and did the work to create and build the NFHCA.

Q: What was a memorable stop along the way in your coaching journey?
A: One of my most cherished memories is from my first convention. I nervously approached Robin Balducci, head coach at the University of New Hampshire, at breakfast one morning and asked to join her. After introducing myself, and through tears, I was able to thank her for being an inspiration and got to tell her that she was one of the biggest reasons why I became a coach. I attended University of New Hampshire camp in high school, and she was my coach. How she made me feel and the impact she had on me was life-giving and career-defining. I had the opportunity to share this special story with her team last spring when she graciously opened her practice up for me to observe. And yes, I cried again.

Laura-Ann Lane’s dedication and commitment to the NFHCA is truly remarkable, and her passion for giving back and serving the organization is inspiring. We congratulate her on receiving the NFHCA President’s Service Award and wish her continued success in her coaching journey. Don’t forget to check out our previous blog articles featuring interviews with the other two exceptional winners of the 2023 President’s Service Award, Jessica Weiss and Kelsi Lykens!

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