Celebrating Chip Rogers: A Beacon of Service in the Field Hockey Community

Apr 23, 2024 | 2023-2024, Blog

By Laurie Temple, NFHCA Digital Communications Specialist

Manahawkin, NJ -​  In the National Field Hockey Coaches Association’s (NFHCA) ongoing series highlighting service during National Volunteer Month, we proudly highlight Chip Rogers, Associate Head Coach at Miami University, longstanding NFHCA and USA Field Hockey volunteer, and a field hockey umpire.

Rogers will be entering his 14th year with the Miami University of Ohio field hockey program. He spent the first 12 years of his tenure as an assistant coach before being promoted to Associate Head Coach prior to the 2023 season.

Rogers has served the NFHCA on various committees and in different capacities for several years. He is currently serving as the National Chair of the NFHCA All-American Committee, Co-Chair of the DEI Committee, and a valued project advisory member of the Field Hockey Forward project. Rogers also serves on USA Field Hockey’s Board of Directors an an At-Large Director and has been instrumental in “growing the game” initiatives over the past several years. We recently caught up with Chip to gain insights into his motivations, experiences, and lessons gained through his involvement with the NFHCA.

When asked about his initial motivation to volunteer within the NFHCA, Rogers shared a personal connection to the sport. “I have been volunteering for the sport well before I was a member of the NFHCA,” he said. “Giving back to it has always been a way that I can show my thanks to field hockey.” For Rogers, the sport transcends competition; it’s a source of camaraderie and belonging, driving it to contribute positively and nurture its growth.

His involvement within the NFHCA spans a tapestry of roles and responsibilities. “I’ve had the privilege of serving a couple of terms as the Vice President (of the NFHCA Board of Directors), during which time I had the opportunity to chair various committees,” Rogers said.

Reflecting on his volunteer journey, Rogers emphasized the transformative power of perseverance and curiosity. “I have reaffirmed the power of perseverance and the importance of being both bold and inquisitive,” he said. Through challenges and triumphs, volunteering has been a catalyst for personal growth, fostering resilience and a thirst for continuous learning.”

Rogers acknowledges the profound impact of mentors who have guided and inspired him along the way. From coaches and colleagues to friends and mentors, their support has been instrumental in shaping his journey. “I am so thankful to many people who have inspired me to enjoy the sport and follow it where my heart leads, in whatever phase that journey takes me,” he added.

Rogers underscores the immense value of the NFHCA in supporting coaches and advancing the sport. “The value of a national body that supports coaches and supports this sport is immense,” he said. “From advocating for coaches’ interests to fostering a sense of community, the NFHCA plays a pivotal role in nurturing the sport’s growth and success.”

When contemplating the future of the NFHCA, Rogers envisions continued expansion and inclusivity. “With a steadfast commitment to excellence and collaboration, the NFHCA is poised to chart new horizons and shape the future of field hockey,” he added.

In a parting reflection, Rogers shared a poignant life lesson learned through coaching: “Don’t forsake a result for a memory,” he said. “When tomorrow comes, the memories will always be much easier and much more fulfilling than the results.”

Thank you, Chip Rogers, for your unwavering dedication and commitment to the NFHCA and the field hockey coaching community. Your contributions have made a lasting impact and will continue to shape the future of the sport for years to come.

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