Are There Any “Must Have” Pieces of Athletic Equipment?

Mar 16, 2022 | 2021-2022, Blog

By NFHCA sponsor, Gladiator Custom Mouthguards

Certain pieces of athletic equipment like shin pads or mouthguards are required to be worn — but is there a certain type of gear that’s an absolute “must have” for your team?

FACT: The American Dental Association and the Academy for Sports Dentistry recommend a professionally made, properly fitted custom mouthguard for all contact and collision sports.

FACT: The Academy for Sports Dentistry states a custom mouthguard is 1000% more protective than any other type of mouthguard.

FACT: The National Athletic Trainers’ Association released a position statement on dental injuries, including recommendations for both mouthguard effectiveness and mouthguard care, encouraging athletes to wear “properly fitted mouthguards during sports activities.” 

FACT: The “custom” in custom mouthguards actually refers to the fit. The specific engineering of a custom mouthguard and the creation from an exact impression of the mouth helps to create an intimate fit that stays snuggly on the upper teeth, without having to bite or clench to keep it in place.

That’s how athletes get the proper protection to stay safe. On top of that, they also get proper airflow, which allows them to breathe and communication clearly while helping to enhance their performance.

When impact is made to the mouth, a mouthguard acts as a shock absorber. What happens when there’s no protection? Damage. And it’s typically not forgiving.

Direct impact to the mouth from something like a stick, ball, hand, or elbow has the ability to cause damage to the lips, cheeks, gums, and teeth. Impact directly to the jaw or a hit under the chin — typically from a shoulder, stick, hand or elbow coming from below on an upward angle — can slam the lower jaw into the upper jaw causing damage to the jawbones, teeth, and jaw joint.

The best ability is availability, which means you need your team healthy and ready to compete.

Athletes have a 33-56 percent chance of receiving an orofacial injury — an injury to the mouth or face — during their career. With more than 5 million teeth knocked out each year during sports and recreational activities, keeping them protected from oral injury is a key part of protecting your players.

With that in mind, consider why Gladiator Custom Mouthguards are a great option for your team.

Team Discounts

As you likely know, purchasing equipment for a team gets expensive. Not only do you have needs for the athletic gear you buy as a coach, but each individual athlete has their own needs as well. That’s why Gladiator is happy to offer team discounts, starting at 10 percent off for a minimum of 10 athletes. Our goal is to make it easier for you to provide the best protection possible.

Easy Reorders

Similarly, as a customer courtesy, Gladiator keeps team order stone models in-house so that your reorders are as fast as possible! This also removes the need for each athlete to keep their models safe, guaranteeing you access to reorder discounted prices for life. One simple email and your athletes’ mouthguards are back into production with all the same details and shipped to you in no more than two business days!

What makes a piece of athletic equipment a “must have?” It should be essential to protection, cost effective and enhance performance. Learn more about why Gladiator is the “must have” custom mouthguard.

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In over 20 years of business, Gladiator Custom Mouthguards has grown to be the largest and longest standing consumer-direct custom mouthguard provider in the USA. Gladiator Custom Mouthguards has revolutionized the mouthguard industry by developing a patented design to eliminate bulk and maximize comfort, fixing the biggest issue with mouthguards. Engineered precisely to fit an athlete’s teeth, the Gladiator is the premier custom mouthguard making it more comfortable than any other mouthguard. Gladiator’s patented design is handmade, custom engineered and backed by a Compliance Guarantee! This promises the most comfortable mouthguard possible that the athlete will wear and will fit perfectly when it’s first received or it is fixed/replaced at no extra cost to you. Gladiator is committed to be on the cutting edge of design for the most protective mouthguard athletes can wear with comfort and enhance performance.

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