Applications for the NFHCA Redwood Grant open today

Feb 3, 2023 | 2022-2023, Blog, Club, News

What is the Redwood Grant?

The Redwood Grant is the brainchild of the NFHCA’s Sport Development Committee. The goal is to provide better intellectual and financial support for clubs and club-adjacent businesses and nonprofit organizations. The name was inspired by redwood forests which are remarkably tall and resilient because of their wide and interconnected root system. Similarly, the Redwood Grant’s mission is to support our remarkable community through meaningful connection.

This year, two grant recipients will gain a personal mentor with quarterly individual meetings, plus quarterly group calls, and will receive up to $3,000 to help grow or start a new initiative. Recipients will commit to attending the NFHCA Annual Convention with funding provided.

“I am immensely proud of the work of the Redwood Grant in year one, especially of our committed mentors, Stef Fee of Powerhouse Field Hockey and Lauren Cornthwaite of Aim Field Hockey. Gaby and Keely, our first year winners, are transformational grassroots hockey coaches; it’s been a joy to learn about the work they’re doing and support them with this grant. Year one is inevitably a learning year, and we are excited to add some more structure to year two, encourage more amazing coaches to apply, and support the winners with funding to attend convention. To see our organization live out the symbol of a redwood by helping others grow tall through the strong NFHCA root system has been a highlight of my time as the Vice President,” shared Chrissy Summers, the NFHCA Vice President of Sport Development.

Who should apply?

The grant is for both current businesses and nonprofits as well as for individuals who need a final push to turn their idea to reality.

For members of our community who want to help grow the game, this grant is for you.

Current field hockey-focused businesses that have a plan for growth or have an idea for a new initiative can benefit from the support and funding provided by the Redwood Grant. New businesses wanting to increase connections within the field hockey community will benefit from the mentorship and guidance embedded in the grant program. This grant can also support coaches who want to grow their camp program, grassroots recreation leagues, or businesses wanting to add field hockey programming.

Redwood Grant applications open February 3, 2023 and close March 31. Anyone is welcome to apply, but an NFHCA membership will be required if selected. Special consideration will be given to those in new growth areas for the sport and those serving underrepresented identities.

Learn more about the Redwood Grant and apply today!

Donations to support the Redwood Grant are currently being collected. The Redwood Grant is powered entirely by the generosity of donors.

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