What was your very first coaching job and what did it teach you?

“My first job was a graduate assistant coaching gig at James Madison University (go Dukes!) — it taught me to stay humble, work hard, trust the process, and believe that anything is possible!”

Julie Munson

Head Coach, Southern New Hampshire University

“Coaching middle school at Haddam-Killingworth Middle. It taught me that I love tactical strategy and that it is important at every level — even in middle school!”

Emily McCabe Alger

Associate Head Coach, Westbrook High School

“My first coaching job was at a local summer field hockey camp that I had gone to as a younger player. It taught me that younger players really look up to you — your coaching can be the reason they fall in love with the sport.”

Courtney Hexter

Head Coach, Meredith College

“My current job! This is my first-ever coaching job (I just finished playing last year). I’m the head coach at my hometown high school. It has taught me countless things so far, but mainly that it is up to me to make a girl love or hate the game.”

Marielle Cavallaro

Varsity Head Coach, Delaware Valley High School

“My first ‘paid’ job was an assistant coach at Ohio University. It taught me patience, vulnerability, and the strength in sharing.”

Ali Johnstone

Head Coach, Ohio University

“This is my first coaching job and it has taught me to learn from every experience and take notes on everything!”

Alyssa Scott

Assistant Coach, Saint Anselm College

Thank you for your answers, coaches!

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