What is your best advice for young coaches hoping to grow and make coaching their career?

Trust the process and trust yourself. It’s OK to make mistakes, but make sure to reach out when you need help or have questions.

Danielle Collins

Head Coach, University of New England

Set a great example for your team and be willing to be humble and admit to your mistakes. You will grow and learn more quickly.

Camrin Azzarano

Head Coach, Eastern University

  1. Ask questions — you’re not supposed to already know everything.
  2. Set boundaries — this job is truly 24/7!
  3. Take care of yourself — hydrate, sleep, move, get fresh air, connect with people outside of coaching.
  4. Be a fan of your sport!
Courtney Hexter

Head Coach, Meredith College

Put yourself out there; reach out to a fellow coach or mentor and pick their brain. Share ideas, love the game, and have fun!

Kelly Harchetts

Head Coach, Union College

Ask questions! Network! Go to as many clinics and get as much support and knowledge as you can. 

Janet Dickey

Varsity Coach, Westbrook High School

Take care of yourself. Learn your values and honor them. Have grace for yourself and others. Be open to communication that challenges you…and make sure you rest.

Valerie Lohr

Head Coach, Allegheny College

Find a coaching mentor who can pour into you and always ask questions. We are all lifelong learners!

Brooke Good

Head Coach, Messiah College

Thank you for your answers, coaches!

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