GILBERT, Ariz. — Following an extensive bid process, the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) has selected TeamXStream as the organization’s video service provider. The NFHCA collegiate membership made the decision by institutional vote earlier this month.

For the last three years, TeamXStream has been the platform for the NFHCA’s Open Exchange — an online database of Division I, Division II, and Division III games. The platform allowed for an open exchange of game film for the entirety of the fall field hockey season. While other options were considered, TeamXStream’s strengths in customer service and ease-of-use were important factors for the collegiate membership.

“We are humbled to again have the opportunity to work with the coaches and programs of the NFHCA,” said Joshua Ort of TeamXStream. “This collaboration has made what TeamXStream brings to the table a better product, because we want to mirror the passion that this group brings to improving the athletes they serve. It is our goal that this ongoing alliance allows us to continually raise the bar of bringing service, efficiency, and improvement of the coach’s workflow to the on-field success of each of the institutions of the NFHCA.”