NFHCA renews partnership with AstroTurf®

Aug 8, 2021 | 2021-2022, News

The National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) is excited to continue their longstanding partnership with the inventor of synthetic turf, AstroTurf®.

“AstroTurf® is pleased to continue our relationship with the NFHCA.” said AstroTurf’s Director of Field Hockey, Melissa Vassalotti Twist. “We have a long history of innovation and leadership in the hockey world and who we chose to partner with is of great importance to achieving our goals. The NFHCA is an organization that mirrors our passion and commitment to growing and supporting the sport of field hockey.”

“Over the past year, AstroTurf® has continued to focus our intention on growing the game and expanding our reachability amongst all levels of hockey. We’ve worked diligently to provide not only world class water-based, hockey-specific products but also high-density multipurpose infill systems to cater to all levels of play” added Vassalotti Twist. “Our goal is to open up accessibility to our sport while simultaneously expanding our green technology and sustainability efforts. We look forward to sharing the research and development that AstroTurf® has done over the last year with the association.”

As an Official Partner of the NFHCA, AstroTurf® will continue to sponsor the NFHCA’s email newsletter, The Scoop, which deposits a collection of important information and resources into NFHCA-member inboxes on a regular basis. As part of their 2021-2023 partnership, AstroTurf® will also support the NFHCA Awards Dinner and the Annual NFHCA Divots Golf Classic, both of which will take place in January at the 2022 NFHCA Annual Convention.

“We are delighted that Astroturf’s continued partnership with the NFHCA has been extended for two more years,” noted NFHCA Executive Director, Cate Clark. “I am excited to continue this collaborative partnership.“

AstroTurf® is one of the most iconic brands in American sports. Field hockey was first played on AstroTurf® at the 1976 Montreal Olympics — since then, AstroTurf® has continued to evolve their synthetic turf to provide fast-playing, non-directional, uniform products that are demanded by programs across the world. AstroTurf® is also committed to growing the game of field hockey and providing access to more high-quality pitches at all levels of the sport.

The National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) is a nonprofit organization serving field hockey coaches and supporters of the game from across the United States. The mission of the organization is to champion, strengthen, and celebrate field hockey coaches and the game. The NFHCA strives to cultivate and recognize the professional contributions of its membership and to foster and promote the growth of the sport. The NFHCA is responsible for providing a recognizable presence and voice in regard to legislation affecting the sport as well as interscholastic and intercollegiate programs.