NFHCA Proudly Announces Honorary Member Class of 2024

May 7, 2024 | 2023-2024, News

Photo Credit: Drexel University Athletic Communications

Manahawkin, NJ — The National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) proudly announces the induction of this year’s class of Honorary Members. Established alongside the adoption of the new NFHCA bylaws in January 2021, the Honorary Member designation was crafted by the NFHCA Bylaws Committee. This designation is tailored to harness the vast knowledge and invaluable experience of former coaches, administrators, and other distinguished figures. It serves as a conduit for maintaining the connection between our coaching community and the rich legacy of those who have shaped our sport.

Comprising six individuals, this year’s class includes trailblazing former coaches whose contributions have significantly impacted both the sport of field hockey and the NFHCA itself. These six members now join an illustrious group of honorary members, comprising coaching luminaries, including Olympians, NFHCA Hall of Fame inductees, and former NFHCA board members.

The 2024 Honorary Members are:

  • Ainslee Lamb, former Boston College and Yale University Head Coach; Vice President of Field Hockey, 3STEP Sports
  • Bobbi Moran, Athletic Director, Thayer Academy; former Athletic Director and field hockey Coach at Kent Place School
  • Carolan Norris, former Brown University head coach, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Services, and Senior Woman Administrator at Brown University
  • Cheryl Silva, former Head Coach, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; former chair of NFHCA All-American Committee
  • Cynthia Wetmore, NFHCA Hall of Fame Member; former Head Coach State University of New York at Cortland
  • Nicky Hitchens, former Associate Coach, Drexel University; former USA Field Hockey Futures and Nexus Coach Manager

“I am very honored to receive this prestigious recognition and become a member of the honorary class of ‘24, joining an accomplished group of mentors that I have admired. The NFHCA has been a consistent and reliable source of support throughout my career. I am grateful for the opportunity to fulfill my passion and aspirations to serve the sport, alongside many NFHCA colleagues. I am excited to continue my commitment to future members as a lifetime ambassador,” said Ainslee Lamb.

“In 2001 as a first time head coach I quickly joined the NFHCA to learn from the best how to approach coaching the sport of field hockey. I devoured all of the content the association had to offer and signed up for a coaches’ workshop at Quinnipiac hosted by Becca Main. Within minutes of the event starting Becca had me feeling excited and at ease… I knew I had joined a community of support where I would be encouraged to bring the best of myself to my own team and be able to lean into the NFHCA’s vast community when I had questions or needed guidance. Since that time I have met and made friends with countless other college, high school and club coaches, all of whom have fueled my desire to be better and help grow the game. It is a tremendous honor to be included with this group in the 2024 Honorary Members. I am forever grateful to all those who have helped shape the NFHCA into what it is today and what it will be in the future,” said Bobbi Moran.

“I am thrilled to be included as an honorary member and I look forward to supporting the mission of the NFHCA . Being a part of this important group who had such an impact on me and my field hockey career is wonderful. The NFHCA is doing really important work supporting coaches, players and the sport and I’m sure we will  continue to grow the game,” said Cheryl Silva.

The NFHCA bylaws stipulate that the Honorary Member designation may be conferred upon coaches who are no longer actively engaged in coaching, provided they meet certain criteria. These criteria include induction into the NFHCA Hall of Fame, receipt of the NFHCA Lifetime Achievement Award, a coaching tenure of 25 years or more in field hockey, previous designation as “Lifetime Members” of the NFHCA, or approval by the NFHCA Board of Directors for exceptional service to the sport. A new class of Honorary Members will be invited to join this esteemed group annually.

Honorary members are entitled to a lifetime membership with the NFHCA, allowing them to participate in NFHCA meetings, vote on motions and elections, and be eligible for committee service or election as the honorary representative on the Board of Directors. Additionally, they gain access to member resources and benefits.

The NFHCA is privileged to welcome this year’s class of Honorary Members, who will continue to contribute to the association and the sport. These esteemed individuals will be looked upon to provide leadership within the NFHCA.

Meet the Class of 2024!

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