GILBERT, Ariz. — The National Field Hockey Coaches Association is very excited to announce that it will be expanding its Annual Convention scholarship program from the four scholarships offered at previous Annual Conventions, to twelve scholarships this year.

By foregoing registration gifts at the 2020 NFHCA Annual Convention, the association is now able to provide eight more opportunities to deserving coaches wishing to attend this important professional development event. Two of the twelve scholarship recipients will also receive three nights stay at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary in addition to their waived registration fee. The scholarships are available to Division I, Division II, Division III, high school, or club coaches.

“A priority of the NFHCA membership has been to provide more opportunities to young coaches and to get more members engaged in the legislation and important conversations that happen at the Annual Convention,” said NFHCA President, Andy Whitcomb. “By reallocating funds set aside for registration gifts, we are able to provide more scholarship opportunities, thereby getting more members engaged in the legislative process.”

Of the twelve scholarships that will be awarded, ten will cover 2020 NFHCA Annual Convention registration costs only and two scholarships will include three nights hotel stay in addition to the waived registration fee. All scholarship recipients will be required to assist the NFHCA Office throughout the event.

The scholarship application is now open for coaches to apply — interested coaches will be required to complete and submit the applications by November 13, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. EST. Candidates must show financial need as well as a genuine interest in attending the Annual Convention and expanding their role within the association. A given applicant may only receive an Annual Convention Scholarship one time during their coaching career. Non-NFHCA members are welcome to apply, but will be expected to establish an NFHCA membership before the 2020 NFHCA Annual Convention.

All scholarship applications will be reviewed by a small committee comprised of current NFHCA Executive Board members. Applicants will be notified via email as to the status of their applications prior to the Thanksgiving holiday and selected candidates will have five days to accept or decline the scholarship.