NFHCA Launches “Stay in the Game” Initiative to Empower Field Hockey Players Beyond School Years

Mar 22, 2024 | 2023-2024, News

MANAHAWKIN, NJ — The National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) is excited to announce the launch of its new initiative, “Stay in the Game,” aimed at supporting field hockey players in extending their involvement in the sport beyond high school or college. Stemming from the NFHCA’s commitment to attracting, recruiting, and retaining more coaches and umpires, this initiative seeks to promote pathways for coaching, umpiring, and playing, ensuring that the field hockey community continues to thrive long after a player’s competitive career ends.

Executive Director of the NFHCA Cate Clark, underscores the organization’s dedication to helping student-athletes and alumni explore avenues to remain engaged in the game beyond their scholastic and collegiate playing days, “We believe in nurturing the next generation of field hockey leaders. Our “Stay in the Game” initiative is committed to equipping players with the resources and support they need to transition seamlessly into coaching and umpiring roles. Every individual has the potential to contribute to the growth and development of our sport, and we’re here to champion those opportunities.”  With this vision in mind, the pathways available for players to continue their journey in field hockey include coaching, umpiring, and playing.


With over 1800 high schools, 300 plus clubs, and 285 NCAA teams offering field hockey across the U.S., numerous coaching opportunities await. Aspiring coaches can pursue coaching education at various levels through USA Field Hockey, the NFHCA, and the National Federation of State High School Associations. Additionally, the NFHCA Job Board and Resume Bank provide platforms for coaches to explore and apply for coaching positions.


A national shortage of umpires persists across all levels of the game. However, avenues for becoming and developing as an umpire are available through organizations such as the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), USA Field Hockey, the NCAA, and the International Federation of Hockey (FIH).


For those keen to continue playing, adult leagues are prevalent across the country, facilitated by clubs, the United States Field Hockey League (USFHL), and USA Field Hockey. Structured adult competitions cater to players of all skill levels, ensuring that the joy of field hockey remains accessible to everyone.

Explore resources from the NFHCA’s “Stay in the Game” initiative here. 

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As the NFHCA champions the longevity and vibrancy of field hockey, players can rest assured that there’s a place for them to thrive within the sport long after their school years.

The National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) is a nonprofit organization serving field hockey coaches and supporters of the game from across the United States. The mission of the organization is to stimulate the professional development of coaching leadership within the sport of field hockey. The NFHCA strives to cultivate and recognize the professional contributions of its membership and to foster and promote the growth of the sport. The NFHCA is responsible for providing a recognizable presence and voice in regard to legislation affecting the sport as well as interscholastic and intercollegiate programs.