GILBERT, Ariz. — The National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) presidential election, set to take place in January 2020, will feature two candidates: Katrina Ross and Julie Ryan.

Each candidate will address the membership at the 2020 NFHCA Annual Convention. Following the presidential speeches, NFHCA voting members will cast their ballots — NFHCA voting members who are not in attendance at the Annual Convention will be able to view the presidential speeches and vote online. Additional information will be communicated to the NFHCA membership leading up to the 2020 NFHCA Annual Convention.

Katrina Ross

Head Coach, Notre Dame Preparatory School, Maryland

“Throughout my involvement with the NFHCA, I have grown and progressed as a coach. I have been a member within in the organization at the collegiate level as well as the high school level. Most recently, I am serving on the Executive Board as the High School Group Representative. Our sport is at a crucial juncture in our country. I believe it is important that we, as an organization, take a fresh and new approach in reigniting and re-engaging our coaches at the foundational levels. It is here where we can grow and develop every aspect of the game. Mentoring and fostering our recreational, club, and high school coaches is imperative to the success of our sport at every collegiate level. Setting that groundwork and communicating collaboratively, across these levels, is essential to not only to sustaining our sport’s success, but thriving nationally. Having a strong foundation at the grassroots level will further propel our sport in a positive direction for all collegiate programs and across all divisions. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to serve as the President of this organization and be the catalyst to lead this movement collaboratively with the entire membership.”

Julie Ryan

Head Coach, Babson College, Massachusetts

“Over the last four years I’ve had the opportunity to more closely understand the business of the NFHCA, while assisting the executive board in leading this organization forward with initiatives vital to sustaining the organization in the future. After playing at the Division I level, my 17 year coaching career has given me experience as a Division I assistant, coaching in the Ivy League and ACC, as well as Division III where I have been the Head Coach at Babson College for 13 seasons. As we all come together to reassess our strategic vision and mission, I am excited for the opportunity to lead the NFHCA to its highest level of achievement. I look forward to helping this association to continue to thrive by creating new and exciting opportunities for engagement; developing a sustainability plan for our executive board and membership growth; focusing energies on our coach development and supporting our national governing body, USA Field Hockey. Most of all, continuing to create a first class platform that allows our coaches, at all membership levels, to feel supported, energized and thriving in their profession. I look forward to being a sounding board for the membership and in creating a culture of mindfulness. Exuding mindfulness in our own professional growth and in the development of our sport at all levels will be vital to supporting and improving national outreach for our sport.”