NFHCA announces 2023 NFHCA Division I All-Region teams

Nov 29, 2023 | 2023-2024, Division I, News

Claudia Negrete Garcia from Miami University
Photo credit: Miami University

GENEVA, N.Y. — The National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) is honored to announce the members of the NFHCA Division I All-Region teams sponsored by The LineUp. Division I teams are separated into five regions: Mid-Atlantic, Mideast, Northeast, South and West. Each of these regions recognizes up to 16 student-athletes on both the first team and the second team.

Honorees are listed in their region first by team, then alphabetically by first name.

The NFHCA Division I All-Region team announcement is the first in a list of postseason awards to come from the NFHCA over the next several weeks. Next to be announced are the NFHCA Regional Players of the Year on December 7, followed by the NFHCA All-American teams on December 12 and the NFHCA National Player of the Year on December 15.


2023 NFHCA Division I All-Region

Mid-Atlantic Region First Team

Iris Langejans, Rutgers University (Defender)
Hope Rose, University of Maryland (Forward)
Manu Ghigliotti, Saint Joseph’s University (Forward)
Puck Winter, Rutgers University (Defender)
Meghan Mitchell, Villanova University (Forward)
Charllene Boshoff, American University (Defender)
Clara Larripa, LaSalle University (Midfielder/Forward)
Berber Bakermans, University of Delaware (Midfielder)
Lily Santi, Saint Joseph’s University (Forward)
Sofia Fouces, Monmouth University (Forward)
Eline Di Leva, Drexel University (Midfielder)
Rayne Wright, University of Maryland (Defender)
Ottilie Sykes, Princeton University (Defender)
Guillermina Causarano, Rutgers University (Forward)
Allison Kuzyk, University of Pennsylvania (Forward)
Alyssa Klebasko, University of Maryland (Goalkeeper)

Mid-Atlantic Region Second Team

Aylin Aufenacker, Monmouth University (Midfielder)
Katy Benton, Saint Joseph’s University (Midfielder)
Sol Borensztein, Saint Joseph’s University (Midfielder)
Maci Bradford, University of Maryland (Forward)
Ella Cashman, Princeton University (Midfielder)
Ava Cickavage, Rutgers University (Midfielder)
Sabine DeRuijter, Villanova University (Defender)
Sophia Howard, Rutgers University (Goalkeeper)
Tatum Johnson, LaSalle University (Forward)
Margot Lawn, University of Maryland (Forward)
Tess Muller, Temple University (Midfielder/Forward)
Paulina Niklaus, Rutgers University (Defender)
Jess Tucker, Monmouth University (Midfielder)
Bryn Underwood, American University (Goalkeeper)
Val Van Hellemont, Drexel University (Forward)
Tayla-Jade Weiss, American University (Defender)

Mideast Region First Team

Mackenzie Allessie, Pennsylvania State University (Defender)
Brie Barraco, Pennsylvania State University (Goalkeeper)
Alice Beales, Yale University (Forward)
Willemijn Boogert, Syracuse University (Midfielder)
Agustina Casteluchi, Fairfield University (Midfielder)
Charlotte de Vries, Syracuse University (Midfielder)
Phia Gladieux, Pennsylvania State University (Forward)
Lily Neilson, Bucknell University (Forward)
Caroline Ramsey, Cornell University (Defender)
Pieke Roos, Hofstra University (Goalkeeper)
Sol Simone, University of Connecticut (Midfielder)
Lineke Spaans, Lafayette College (Midfielder)
Stella Tegtmeier, Quinnipiac University (Midfielder)
Pieke van de Pas, Syracuse University (Midfielder)
Eefke van den Nieuwenhof, Syracuse University (Defender)
Lucie Vincent, Fairfield University (Forward)

Mideast Region Second Team

Julia Bressler, University of Connecticut (Forward)
Isabelle Chamberlain, Sacred Heart University (Midfielder)
Julia Gatelein, Lehigh University (Midfielder)
Anouk Knuvers, Pennsylvania State University (Defender)
Gracie Leahy, Cornell University (Midfielder)
Kira Leclercq, Bucknell University (Defender)
Stella Malinowski, Lafayette College (Midfielder)
Tara McNally, Hofstra University (Defender)
Madison Milhous, Fairfield University (Defender)
Ella Murphy, Colgate University (Midfielder)
Payton Rahn, Fairfield University (Goalkeeper)
Emma Ramsey, Yale University (Defender)
Alex Senior, Fairfield University (Forward)
Makenzie Switzer, Lafayette College (Defender)
Josephine van Wijk, Lafayette College (Midfielder)
Maya Walker, Columbia University (Defender)

Northeast Region First Team

Bronte-May Brough, Harvard University (Defender)
Margo Carlin, Boston College (Forward)
Kitty Chapple, Harvard University (Midfielder)
Tasmin Cookman, University of New Hampshire (Forward)
Tamera Cookman, University of New Hampshire (Midfielder)
Hannah de Gast, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Defender)
Floor de Ruiter, University at Albany (Midfielder)
Alissia DeVries, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (Defender)
Alina Gerke, University of Vermont (Midfielder)
Imogen Govan, Brown University (Forward)
Emily Guckian, Harvard University (Midfielder)
Peyton Hale, Boston College (Defender)
Kara Heck, Boston College (Defender)
Lauren Rowe, Northeastern University (Defender)
Alison Smisdom, University at Albany (Midfielder)
Myrte van Herwijnen, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Goalkeeper)

Northeast Region Second Team

Lucy Adams, Brown University (Midfielder)
Payton Anderson, Boston University (Defender)
Jess Beech, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Midfielder)
Lucia Campano, Dartmouth College (Midfielder)
Eléonore DeKeyser, Providence College (Defender)
Avery Donahue, Harvard University (Midfielder)
Makayla Graves, Northeastern University (Midfielder)
Madisyn Hartley, University of Maine (Midfielder)
Caroline Kelly, Boston College (Goalkeeper)
Poppy Lambert, University of Maine (Defender)
Madison Leeper, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (Forward)
Sophia Lefranc, University of Vermont (Forward)
Blanca Orsola, University at Albany (Midfielder)
Nicole Poulakis, University of New Hampshire (Forward)
Thalia Steenssens, Boston University (Midfielder)
Florencia Talarico, Providence College (Midfielder)

South Region First Team

Noa Boterman, University of Virginia (Midfielder)
Charly Bruder, University of North Carolina (Forward)
Sietske Brüning, University of North Carolina (Midfielder)
Jodie Conolly, Liberty University (Forward)
Marlon de Bruijne, Old Dominion University (Forward)
Bethany Dykema, Liberty University (Defender)
Pyper Friedman, William & Mary (Midfielder)
Piper Hampsch, Duke University (Goalkeeper)
Ryleigh Heck, University of North Carolina (Forward)
Adele Iacobucci, University of Virginia (Midfielder)
Azul Iritxity Irigoyen, Liberty University (Goalkeeper)
Mora Marrero, Virginia Commonwealth University (Midfielder)
Alaina McVeigh, Duke University (Forward)
Daniela Mendez-Trendler, University of Virginia (Midfielder)
Hannah Miller, Duke University (Forward)
Frederique Zandbergen, Old Dominion University (Midfielder)

South Region Second Team

Lisa Boekaar, Appalachian State University (Midfielder)
Martu Cian, Liberty University (Forward)
Addie Clark, Appalachian State University (Goalkeeper)
Lauren Curran, William & Mary (Forward)
Grace Delmotte, Wake Forest University (Midfielder)
Nicole Fredricks, Old Dominion University (Defender)
Nathalie Friedman, Wake Forest University (Defender)
Sanne Hak, University of North Carolina (Midfielder)
Morena Macera, Virginia Commonwealth University (Midfielder)
Morgan Merritt, James Madison University (Midfielder)
Jayden Moon, William & Mary (Midfielder)
Madison Orsi, University of Virginia (Defender)
Mia Schoenbeck, Wake Forest University (Defender)
Rina Tsioles, Old Dominion University (Midfielder)
Reagan Underwood, Liberty University (Midfielder)
Charlie van Oirschot, Duke University (Midfielder)

West Region First Team

Olivia Bent-Cole, Northwestern University (Forward)
Leanne Bough, Ohio State University (Midfielder)
Lora Clarke, University of Michigan (Midfielder)
Mia Duchars, University of Louisville (Midfielder)
Esme Gibson, University of Iowa (Midfielder)
Peyton Halsey, Northwestern University (Forward)
Emilia Kaczmarczyk, University of Louisville (Midfielder)
Julie Kouijzer, University of Louisville (Defender)
Alia Marshall, Northwestern University (Midfielder)
Claudia Negrete Garcia, Miami University (Midfielder)
Daniella Rhodes, University of California, Berkeley (Forward)
Annabel Skubisz, Northwestern University (Goalkeeper)
Dionne van Aalsum, University of Iowa (Forward)
Lauren Wadas, Northwestern University (Midfielder)
Makenna Webster, Ohio State University (Forward)
Katelyn Whittle, Ohio University (Forward)

West Region Second Team

Bente Baekers, University of California, Berkeley (Forward)
Brenna Bough, Ohio State University (Forward)
Kiki de Bruijne, University of California, Berkeley (Forward)
Inés Garcia Prado, Indiana University (Midfielder)
Greta Hinke, Northwestern University (Midfielder)
Berta Mata, Miami University (Midfielder)
Isabelle Perese, Miami University (Goalkeeper)
Aimee Plumb, University of Louisville (Forward)
India Reed, University of Louisville (Defender)
Julie Rodijk, Ohio State University (Midfielder)
Sofie Stribos, University of Iowa (Midfielder)
Minna Tremonti, University of Louisville (Midfielder)
Ilse Tromp, Northwestern University (Defender)
Eva Usoz, Kent State University (Midfielder)
Merlijn van der Vegt, University of Louisville (Goalkeeper)
Anouk Veen, University of Michigan (Midfielder)


The NFHCA All-Region/All-American teams are officially sponsored by The LineUp.

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