NFHCA announces 2020 NFHCA Division I All-Region teams

Jun 1, 2021 | 2020-2021, Division I, News

Photo credit: Daryl Marshke/Michigan Photography

BROCKPORT, N.Y. — This year, 160 Division I student-athletes have been named to NFHCA Division I All-Region teams. Division I teams are separated into five regions: Mid-Atlantic, Mideast, Northeast, South and West — each region honors 16 student-athletes on a first team and 16 student-athletes on a second team.

Honorees are listed in their region first by team, then alphabetically by last name.

The NFHCA Division I All-Region team announcement is the first in a list of postseason awards to come from the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) over the next several weeks. Next to be announced are the NFHCA Regional Players of the Year on June 7 — they will be followed by the NFHCA All-American teams and the NFHCA National Player of the Year which will be revealed during the live NFHCA Awards Show sponsored by AstroTurf® on June 15, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. ET.


2020 NFHCA Division I All-Region

Mid-Atlantic Region First Team

Ashlyn Carr, University of Delaware (Midfielder)
Noor Coenen, American University (Midfielder)
Brooke DeBerdine, University of Maryland (Midfielder)
Eline Di Leva, Drexel University (Forward)
Julia Divorra, Rider University (Forward)
Riley Donnelly, University of Maryland (Defender)
Bibi Donraadt, University of Maryland (Forward)
Julia Duffhuis, University of Delaware (Defender)
Ireen Frenken, Monmouth University (Defender)
Gianna Glatz, Rutgers University (Goalkeeper)
Katie Larmour, Rutgers University (Midfielder)
Anna Miller, Saint Joseph’s University (Forward)
Veronika Novakova, Temple University (Midfielder)
Milena Redlingshoefer, Rutgers University (Midfielder)
Femke Strien, University of Delaware (Forward)
Annick Van Lange, Monmouth University (Forward)


Mid-Atlantic Region Second Team

Aylin Aufenacker, Monmouth University (Forward)
Berber Bakermans, University of Delaware (Midfielder)
Katy Benton, Saint Joseph’s University (Defender)
Kerrie Burns, Rutgers University (Midfielder)
Christina Carotenuto, Temple University (Goalkeeper)
Georgia Davies, American University (Defender)
Gaby De Kock, American University (Midfielder)
Emma DeBerdine, University of Maryland (Midfielder)
Noelle Frost, University of Maryland (Goalkeeper)
Sara Hayes, Saint Joseph’s University (Forward)
Grace Hoepfner, University of Delaware (Defender)
Isabel Jacobs, Drexel University (Midfielder)
Meghan Mitchell, Villanova University (Forward)
Nienke Oerlemans, Temple University (Defender)
Jordan Olenginski, Saint Joseph’s University (Forward)
Tess van Ommeren, Rider University (Midfielder)

Mideast Region First Team

Kelly Buckley, Fairfield University (Defender)
Charlotte de Vries, Syracuse University (Forward)
Jessica Dembrowski, University of Connecticut (Forward)
Sophia Gladieux, Pennsylvania State University (Forward)
Laura Graziosi, Syracuse University (Midfielder)
Sophie Hamilton, University of Connecticut (Midfielder)
Lenke Havas, Lehigh University (Defender)
Kourtney Kennedy, University of Connecticut (Defender)
Pleun Lammers, Syracuse University (Forward)
Kaelyn Long, Bucknell University (Defender)
Abby Myers, Pennsylvania State University (Midfielder)
Jazmin Palma, Lock Haven University (Defender)
Luzi Persiehl, Fairfield University (Midfielder)
Hailey Power, Sacred Heart University (Goalkeeper)
Cheyenne Sprecher, University of Connecticut (Goalkeeper)
Eefke van den Nieuwenhof, Syracuse University (Defender)


Mideast Region Second Team

Bree Bednarski, Pennsylvania State University (Forward)
Hailey Bitters, Syracuse University (Forward)
Taylor Casamassa, Colgate University (Midfielder)
Lindsay Dickinson, University of Connecticut (Defender)
Sol Espona, Long Island University (Forward)
Emily Halderson, Fairfield University (Defender)
Jessica Halley, Quinnipiac University (Defender)
Simone Hefting, Lafayette College (Defender)
Malen Iglesias, Fairfield University (Midfielder)
Maddie Kahn, Lehigh University (Goalkeeper)
Joaquina Orlandini, Lock Haven University (Goalkeeper)
Dani Profita, Fairfield University (Midfielder)
Audrey Sawers, Lafayette College (Midfielder)
Martina Spangenberg, Lock Haven University (Forward)
Anna Steps, Lafayette College (Midfielder)
Elena Vos, Pennsylvania State University (Midfielder)

Northeast Region First Team

Madison Babineau, Providence College (Midfielder)
Eleonore Boekhorst, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (Goalkeeper)
Margo Carlin, Boston College (Forward)
Hana Davis, University of Maine (Midfielder)
Clara Defourt, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (Defender)
Emily Devine, College of the Holy Cross (Defender)
Fusine Govaert, Boston College (Defender)
Jonna Kennedy, Boston College (Goalkeeper)
Georgie McTear, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Midfielder)
Alexi Pettasani, Boston University (Defender)
Julie Rodijk, University at Albany (Defender)
Lauren Rowe, Northeastern University (Midfielder)
Kathryn Scheerer, Boston University (Defender)
Bloem van den Brekel, University of New Hampshire (Midfielder)
Chloe Walton, University of Maine (Forward)
Elizabeth Warner, Boston College (Forward)


Northeast Region Second Team

Jess Beech, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Midfielder)
Sky Caron, Boston College (Defender)
Claire Danahy, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Midfielder)
Isabelle Danahy, University of New Hampshire (Midfielder)
Clodagh Ferry, University of Vermont (Midfielder)
Kate Hall, University of Vermont (Forward)
Juliette Hijdra, Boston College (Midfielder)
Marijn Jaarsma, Bryant University (Goalkeeper)
Rebecca Janes, Boston University (Midfielder)
Katie MacCullum, University at Albany (Forward)
Jamie Natale, Boston College (Forward)
Josie Rossbach, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Defender)
Liz Ryan, Boston University (Forward)
Brittany Smith, University of Maine (Defender)
Charlotte Triggs, University at Albany (Midfielder)
Jemma Woods, University of New Hampshire (Goalkeeper)

South Region First Team

Jill Bolton, Liberty University (Forward)
Darcy Bourne, Duke University (Midfielder)
Marlon de Bruijne, Old Dominion University (Forward)
Amber Ezechiels, University of Virginia (Defender)
Litiana Field, Virginia Commonwealth University (Defender)
Amanda Hendry, University of North Carolina (Goalkeeper)
Adele Iacobucci, University of Virginia (Midfielder)
Meike Lanckohr, Wake Forest University (Midfielder)
Erin Matson, University of North Carolina (Forward)
Eva Nunnink, Duke University (Defender)
Daniella Rhodes, Liberty University (Midfielder)
Rachel Robinson, University of Virginia (Defender)
Meredith Sholder, University of North Carolina (Forward)
Eva Smolenaars, University of North Carolina (Midfielder)
Maite Sturm, Virginia Commonwealth University (Midfielder)
Janne Wetzel, Virginia Commonwealth University (Defender)


South Region Second Team

Bryn Boylan, University of North Carolina (Midfielder)
Caroline Cahill, James Madison University (Midfielder)
Jodie Conolly, Liberty University (Defender)
Bethany Dykema, Liberty University (Defender)
Sasha Elliott, Virginia Commonwealth University (Goalkeeper)
Nathalie Friedman, Wake Forest University (Midfielder)
Laura Janssen, University of Virginia (Forward)
Delphine Le Jeune, Old Dominion University (Midfielder)
Luna Lopez, Longwood University (Midfielder)
Cara Menges, William & Mary (Midfielder)
Meghan Smart, Appalachian State University (Forward)
Cassie Sumfest, University of North Carolina (Midfielder)
Charlotte Vaanhold, Liberty University (Forward)
Laia Vancells, Wake Forest University (Defender)
Courtnie Williamson, University of North Carolina (Defender)
Eveline Zwager, James Madison University (Forward)

West Region First Team

Mackenzie Allessie, Ohio State University (Midfielder)
Bente Baekers, Northwestern University (Forward)
Leo Berlie, Miami University (Midfielder)
Ali Bitting, University of Louisville (Defender)
Kayla Blas, Northwestern University (Defender)
Ellie Holley, University of Iowa (Midfielder)
Maddy Murphy, University of Iowa (Forward)
Anthe Nijziel, University of Iowa (Defender)
Halle O’Neill, University of Michigan (Midfielder)
Mercedes Pastor, University of Louisville (Midfielder)
Kathryn Peterson, University of Michigan (Midfielder)
Meghan Schneider, University of Louisville (Defender)
Anna Spieker, University of Michigan (Goalkeeper)
Lokke Stribos, University of Iowa (Defender)
Corinne Zanolli, Stanford University (Forward)
Maddie Zimmer, Northwestern University (Midfielder)


West Region Second Team

Katie Anderson, University of Michigan (Midfielder)
Cara Bonshak, Michigan State University (Midfielder)
Leanne Bough, Ohio State University (Midfielder)
Kiki de Bruijne, University Of California, Berkeley (Midfielder)
Esme Gibson, University of Iowa (Midfielder)
Sarah Johnson, Stanford University (Defender)
Julie Kouijzer, University of Louisville (Defender)
Aimee Plumb, University of Louisville (Forward)
Sarah Pyrtek, University of Michigan (Forward)
Clara Rodriguez Seto, Kent State University (Midfielder)
Jillian Shive, Ohio University (Forward)
Annabel Skubisz, Northwestern University (Goalkeeper)
Madison Theodore, University of California, Davis (Midfielder)
Charlie van Oirschot, University of Louisville (Midfielder)
Anouk Veen, University of Michigan (Defender)
Brynn Zorilla, University Of California, Berkeley (Midfielder)

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