NFHCA announces 2020 Division I Scholars of Distinction

Mar 25, 2021 | 2020-2021, Division I, News

BROCKPORT, N.Y. — This year, more than 250 student-athletes have been recognized as NFHCA Division I Scholars of Distinction.

The Scholars of Distinction program recognizes student-athletes who have achieved a cumulative grade-point average of 3.9 or higher through the first semester of the 2020-21 academic year.

The University of Louisville placed the most student-athletes on the Scholars of Distinction list this year, with 12 honorees. Fairfield University and Ohio University had the second most with 9 honorees apiece.

The complete listing of the 2020 NFHCA Division I Scholars of Distinction can be found below — honorees are listed alphabetically first by institution, then according to their last name.

The NFHCA has already announced the 2020 NFHCA Division I National Academic Squad — the NFHCA Division I National Academic Team Awards will be announced on March 29 and the NFHCA Division I National Scholar-Athlete will be announced on June 15.


2020 NFHCA Division I Scholars of Distinction


Emily Horace, American University
Kendall Jung, American University
Aidan Rossman, American University
Bryn Underwood, American University
Addie Clark, Appalachian State University
Allison Corey, Appalachian State University
Julia Mars, Appalachian State University
Brenna Schoenbachler, Appalachian State University
Anna Smarrelli, Appalachian State University
Halle Baisas, Ball State University
Gina Caravaglia, Ball State University
Caitlyn Grodzicki, Ball State University
Emma Hilton, Ball State University
Jenna McKune, Ball State University
Callie Rumbaugh, Ball State University
Jensen Kitrel, Bellarmine University
Lauren Marshall, Bellarmine University
Teresa Schmidt, Bellarmine University
Rachel Borzymowski, Boston University
Arabella Jane Bennett, Brown University
Amanda Cooper, Brown University
Lindsey Ross, Brown University
Danielle van Rootselaar, Brown University
Ellie Morrison, Bryant University
Rachel Apa, Bucknell University
Mia Fields, Bucknell University
Noor Kaur, Bucknell University
Kaelyn Long, Bucknell University
Kari Melberger, Bucknell University
Sydney Panagos, Bucknell University
Caroline Beairsto, Central Michigan University
Lauren Buffington, Central Michigan University
Hannah Havrilla, Central Michigan University
Megan Stockreef, Central Michigan University
Katie Anderson, Colgate University
Emily Devine, College of the Holy Cross
Frederique Fyhr, Columbia University
Zoe Metalios, Columbia University
Sinclair Mott, Columbia University
Helen Sayegh, Columbia University
Maya Walker, Columbia University
Kathleen Anderson, Cornell University
Taylor Gladd, Cornell University
Laura Kubit, Cornell University
Bridget Mahoney, Cornell University
Caroline Ramsey, Cornell University
Claire Vaughn, Cornell University
Lila Browne, Dartmouth College
Gracyn Campbell, Dartmouth College
Lauren Devletian, Dartmouth College
Kira Koehler, Dartmouth College
Molly Firr, Davidson College
Charlotte Kabelac, Davidson College
Nellie Turnage, Davidson College
Amber Brouwer, Drexel University
Eline Di Leva, Drexel University
Melanie Kaminsky, Drexel University
Stephanie Oleykowski, Drexel University
Alexis Sokach, Drexel University
Alayna Burns, Duke University
Leah Crouse, Duke University
Morgan Fletcher, Duke University
Mackenzie Boyle, Fairfield University
Emily Halderson, Fairfield University
Ymke Huisman, Fairfield University
Meghann Maguire, Fairfield University
Colette Morgan, Fairfield University
Riley Patro, Fairfield University
Luzi Persiehl, Fairfield University
Danielle Profita, Fairfield University
Jolanda Richter, Fairfield University
Louisa Baxter, Georgetown University
Eliana Swell, Georgetown University
Olivia Hoover, Harvard University
Ellie Shahbo, Harvard University
Lindsie Rogers, Hofstra University
Liv Truong, Hofstra University
Taylor Etling, Indiana University
Sophie Giltrap, Indiana University
Mary Kate Kesler, Indiana University
Kennedy Reardon, Indiana University
Sarah Beers, James Madison University
Caroline Cahill, James Madison University
Brandelynn Heinbaugh, James Madison University
Mia Julian, James Madison University
Aubrey Scott King, James Madison University
Diede Remijnse, James Madison University
Eveline Zwager, James Madison University
Azure Fernsler, Kent State University
Caitlin Holland, Kent State University
Liza Keadle, Kent State University
Ryan Curley, La Salle University
Samantha Hackman, La Salle University
Kelsey Jones, La Salle University
Shannon O’Reilly, La Salle University
Victoria Wright, La Salle University
Lexi Hosler , Liberty University
Reagan Underwood, Liberty University
Maddie Vicars, Liberty University
Sol Espona, Long Island University
Felicia King, Long Island University
Kaitlyn Olton, Long Island University
Nika Reichert, Long Island University
Malena Silvani, Long Island University
Rachel Vellis, Long Island University
Karlyn Harwood, Longwood University
Hunter-Paige Johnson, Longwood University
Kylie Levine, Longwood University
Katelyn Bennett, Merrimack College
Lauren Burke, Merrimack College
Mia Gordon, Miami University
Sophie Huisman, Miami University
Jenna Kirby, Miami University
Maggie Cole, Michigan State University
Meghan Cole, Michigan State University
Ashley Harlock, Michigan State University
Lori Mack, Michigan State University
Jillian Mahon, Michigan State University
Meredith Ross, Michigan State University
Ellie Wheatley, Michigan State University
Julia Gluyas, Northeastern University
Jordan Carr, Northwestern University
Bari Lefkowitz, Northwestern University
Lotte Algra, Ohio State University
Abby Danson, Ohio State University
Megan McKenna, Ohio State University
Samantha Stone, Ohio State University
Nele Graner, Ohio University
Annmarie Hoppel, Ohio University
Meela Kopp, Ohio University
Maggie Lawrence, Ohio University
Sienna Sakich, Ohio University
Jillian Shive, Ohio University
Emma Spinetto, Ohio University
Clare Thomas, Ohio University
Annie Wimsatt, Ohio University
Nicole Fredricks, Old Dominion University
Lauren Holbrook, Old Dominion University
Evelyn Murray, Old Dominion University
Shannon Quaile, Old Dominion University
Rina Tsioles, Old Dominion University
Gabrielle Barraco, Penn State University
Carly Gannon, Penn State University
Sophia Gladieux, Penn State University
Eleni Prodes, Penn State University
Emma Spisak, Penn State University
Eleonore de Keyser, Providence College
Emiline Biggin, Quinnipiac University
Julianna Cappello, Quinnipiac University
Jessica Halley, Quinnipiac University
Brooke Whipkey, Quinnipiac University
Rylee Diffenderfer, Rider University
Amanda Zambrana, Rider University
Gianna Glatz, Rutgers University
Clayre Smith, Rutgers University
Isabelle Chamberlain, Sacred Heart University
Sarah Collins, Sacred Heart University
Hannah Fawle, Sacred Heart University
Ashley Gillies, Sacred Heart University
Mia Katterman, Sacred Heart University
Kayla Kruk, Sacred Heart University
Claire Skumurski, Sacred Heart University
Lauren Alderson, Saint Francis University
Eugenia Kenny, Saint Francis University
Ella Maillie, Saint Francis University
Olivia Muffitt, Saint Francis University
Samantha Murphy, Saint Francis University
Carysse Norris, Saint Francis University
Nicholl Fenton, Saint Joseph’s University
Jordan Olenginski, Saint Joseph’s University
Sydney Altemose, Saint Louis University
Parker Guy, Saint Louis University
Ashlee Kothenbeutel, Saint Louis University
Lauren Pendergast, Saint Louis University
Cameron Tucker, Saint Louis University
Megan Frost, Stanford University
Isabelle Pilson, Stanford University
Claire Cooke, Syracuse University
Clara Morrison, Syracuse University
Danielle Batze, Temple University
Madison Molchany, Temple University
Megan Phillips, Temple University
Pamela Abbott, Towson University
Annie Keele, Towson University
Jessica Von Schmidt-Pauli , Towson University
Mia Duchars, Univeristy of Louisville
Embry Jane Imorde, Univeristy of Louisville
Paulina Mayer, Univeristy of Louisville
Samantha Minrath, Univeristy of Louisville
Mercedes Pastor, Univeristy of Louisville
Sofia Pendolino, Univeristy of Louisville
Camryn Pichea, Univeristy of Louisville
Aimee Plumb, Univeristy of Louisville
India Reed, Univeristy of Louisville
Meghan Schneider, Univeristy of Louisville
Minna Tremonti, Univeristy of Louisville
Charlotte van Oirchot, Univeristy of Louisville
Cato Knipping, University of California, Berkeley
Natalie Moore, University of California, Berkeley
Kaiden Stanley, University of California, Berkeley
Sara Stone, University of California, Berkeley
Lindsay Dickinson, University of Connecticut
Morgan Kaufmann, University of Connecticut
Aiyi Young, University of Connecticut
Sophie Giezeman, University of Delaware
Grace Hoepfner, University of Delaware
Kathryn Hoffman, University of Delaware
Emily Kresho, University of Delaware
Grace Miller, University of Delaware
Meghan Conroy, University of Iowa
Harper Dunne, University of Iowa
Ross Julia, University of Maine
Walker Kristjana, University of Maine
Izzy Acquaviva, University of Massachusetts
Josephine Ang, University of Massachusetts
Jess Beech, University of Massachusetts
Claire Danahy, University of Massachusetts
Steph Gottwals, University of Massachusetts
Amelie Green, University of Massachusetts
Katie Samaranayake, University of Massachusetts
Eleonore Boekhorst, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Jenna Chrabolowski, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Alissia DeVries, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Mirthe Gans, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Lindsey Kilpatrick, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Megan Salsinha, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Rosie Hope, University of Michigan
Lindsey Stagg, University of Michigan
Conner Allen, University of New Hampshire
Reagan Calcari, University of New Hampshire
Olivia Watson, University of New Hampshire
Dorrit Eisenbeis, University of North Carolina
Mimi Leonard, University of North Carolina
Kate Ainbinder, University of Pennsylvania
Lis Zandbergen, University of Pennsylvania
Jamie Borthwick, University of Vermont
Lydia Maitland, University of Vermont
Taryn Marra, University of Vermont
Courtney Watt, University of Vermont
Anneloes Knol, University of Virginia
Mary VanLoh, University of Virginia
Shannon Drakeley, Villanova University
Caitlin Van Goeverden, Villanova University
Cailin Bownas, Virginia Commonwealth University
Morgan Hanley, Virginia Commonwealth University
Bridget McCormick, Virginia Commonwealth University
Lonica McKinney, Virginia Commonwealth University
Olivia Sever, Virginia Commonwealth University
Svea Sturm, Virginia Commonwealth University
Mackenzie Williams, Virginia Commonwealth University
Elena Andreyev, Wagner College
Emma Brushingham, Wagner College
Alicia Erlandson, Wagner College
Joy Muller, Wagner College
Claire Quigley, Wagner College
Athanasia Theofilopoulos, Wagner College
Laura Van Hamburg, Wagner College
Tabitha Billingham, William & Mary
Kimberly Jones, William & Mary
Jayden Moon, William & Mary
Julia Fortier, Yale University

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