BROCKPORT, N.Y. — Anne Parmenter, president of the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA), is excited to announce that the NFHCA Executive Board voted to approve the creation of two new standing committees, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee and the Black Coaches Council. Each of these committees will have a seat on the Executive Board.

“This is a progressive move for our association that is overdue,” said Parmenter. “We seek to be an inclusive and supportive organization and these additions bring us closer to fulfilling that purpose. I appreciate the thoughtful consideration of the Executive Board and their willingness to act. The Bylaws Review and Revision Committee, who has been working hard for several months to review and revise our entire Bylaws, supports this decision fully. I especially want to recognize the diligence and determination of the NFHCA-member coaches of the Black Field Hockey Network — a job well done — you make us all better.”

“There might not be as much hockey this fall,” Parmenter added. “But the organization is steadfast and doing great work to ready us for when we take the field again.”

Information regarding a draft of the NFHCA Bylaws and more details regarding these standing committees will be communicated to the membership soon.