GILBERT, Ariz. — Jennifer Goodrich, the National Field Hockey Coaches Association’s long-time executive director has decided to step down from her role, effective May 31, 2020. Goodrich will perform the day-to-day duties of the executive director until April 1, 2020 — from April 1, 2020 until May 31, 2020, Goodrich will perform all of the duties necessary to ensure a successful transition of the NFHCA Office.

Goodrich has served as the NFHCA’s first and only executive director for 23 years. Her tenure as the NFHCA’s executive director began in 1997 when the NFHCA was first created.

In an effort to provide resources and recognition to high school field hockey student-athletes and coaches, the Collegiate Field Hockey Coaches Association disbanded and became the National Field Hockey Coaches Association. The original NFHCA Executive Board looked to Jenn Goodrich to take over the responsibilities of running the NFHCA Office.

As a former field hockey coach herself — a head coach and an assistant coach at Kent State University and an assistant coach at William Smith College — and a graduate of the College of William & Mary as well as Kent State University, where she earned an MBA, the Executive Board felt Goodrich was the perfect person to lead the fledgling organization.

Over 23 years, Goodrich has taken the NFHCA from a small, volunteer-run organization, to an association with over 1,800 members. Goodrich has kept the 501(c)3 nonprofit financially sound over two decades and has established meaningful and mutually beneficial partnerships with a host of field hockey-related companies and organizations while developing professional relationships with sport leaders across the country.

Goodrich has served at the pleasure of many Executive Boards and worked tirelessly to implement new initiatives and events while maintaining the fiscal integrity and efficient day-to-day operations of the NFHCA, largely on her own.

Goodrich served as the NFHCA’s sole employee for over 10 years and during that time, she was integral to the implementation of the NFHCA National Coaches Polls, all of the NFHCA awards programs, the NFHCA Senior Games, the NFHCA Annual Convention, and a host of NFHCA resources.

In the early aughts, Goodrich implemented and oversaw the addition of coach education clinics, Open Collegiate Practice Day, Senior Night and a recruiting seminar at the National Field Hockey Festival, NFHCA drill booklets, a myriad of sponsorships and partnerships, as well as the addition of new awards programs to recognize student-athletes and coaches.

In the last decade, Goodrich has managed the expansion of the NFHCA office to include a director of marketing and communications and an assistant executive director allowing the association to grow its offerings to NFHCA members. Most notable was the addition of the NFHCA Winter Escape Showcase, and other NFHCA recruiting events. The NFHCA recruiting events, largely spearheaded by Goodrich, put coaches’ and athletes’ needs first, by providing innovative showcase opportunities that make recruiting an easier endeavor for all stakeholders.

Recently, Goodrich oversaw the addition and expansion of an NFHCA Annual Convention scholarship program, the addition of new standing committees, and the creation of an open video exchange for collegiate members and umpires.

Goodrich leaves the NFHCA with one of the largest membership populations in the history of the association and in a strong financial position.

The NFHCA Executive Board as well as the entire NFHCA membership — past and present — are incredibly grateful to Jennifer Goodrich for her diligent work and devotion to the association over the last 23 years.


The NFHCA Executive Board will begin actively working with the current office staff to ensure a smooth transition. A national search for our new Executive Director will commence on April 1, 2020. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to serve on the search committee. If you are interested, please contact Interim President, Carla Tagliente at