Get to know our Ready2Coach presenters

Nov 18, 2020 | 2020-2021, News, Virtual Coaches' Caucus

BROCKPORT, N.Y. — The National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) is excited to share the list of presenters for this year’s Ready2Coach series sponsored by AstroTurf.

Ready2Coach, a reprisal from last year’s NFHCA Annual Convention, is the field hockey-focused portion of the Virtual Coaches’ Caucus. Ready2Coach presenters will walk attendees through a specific on-field topic and answer questions from VCC participants.

In total, nine Ready2Coach sessions are planned — the final four presenters will be announced in December.

Sarah Catlin

Director of Recruitment, Varsity Head Field Hockey and Lacrosse Coach, Cushing Academy

When You Can’t Cut Players

Junior varsity programs, varsity-only programs, and even college programs in the rebuilding phase often put coaches in a position where they cannot cut or eliminate players. This  removes a fundamental building block of trust other programs enjoy.

When you can’t cut, how do you design drills that fit a broad range of skill? How do you create that trust with your players? How do you develop a team culture? Join Sarah to discuss some approaches to answering these questions while looking at drill design choices to reach a broad range of skill and experience.

Jenny Everett

Co-Founder, HUSEL

Principles, Tactics, and Techniques to Maximize Play

This session will provide principle-based frameworks used for decision-making on the pitch, specific tactics to increase game-based planning, and techniques to improve skill execution. This presentation will utilize game video, sharing of specific drills and their composition, and resources to maximize play.

Ross Gilham-Jones

Founder, Leap Hockey

Simple Drills/Exceptional Skills

“The best players perform the fundamental basics exceptionally well.”

This presentation will explain the importance of simple skills, technical details and the benefits of progression drills. It will give you an insight into developing athletes to their full potential through fundamental basics and in turn give them the opportunity to strive for greatness. 

Kristen O’Rourke

Assistant Coach, Yale University

Scenario-Based Game Day Primer for Goalkeepers

Kristen will demonstrate how to adequately prepare your goalkeeper for likely game-day scenarios through their normal warm-up sequence. With intention, you can “prime” your goalkeeper physically and mentally to respond in a game rather than react.

Ian Wagge

Coach, Maine Elite

Coaching to Play Minimal Touch Hockey: The Clock Drill

The clock drill is an intense exercise that places a premium on a player’s ability to move in any direction with their first touch. This is a foundational skill that players need in order to play two- and three-touch hockey. Once players can assess the field and predetermine their intended direction, then they will be able to play faster and have more expansive options during games.

Official Sponsor

AstroTurf® is the Official Sponsor of the Ready2Coach sessions.

AstroTurf® is one of the most iconic brands in American sports. Field hockey was first played on AstroTurf® at the 1976 Montreal Olympics — since then, AstroTurf® has continued to evolve their synthetic turf to provide fast-playing, non-directional, uniform products that are demanded by programs across the world. AstroTurf® is also committed to growing the game of field hockey and providing access to more high-quality pitches at all levels of the sport.

2021 Virtual Coaches’ Caucus

The Virtual Coaches’ Caucus (VCC) is slated to be a dynamic, online gathering of NFHCA members and field hockey coaches. The VCC will incorporate NFHCA business meetings, educational sessions, a variety of speakers, awards ceremonies, and opportunities for attendees to connect with their field hockey colleagues.

The VCC will take place between January 5 — 10, 2021, with professional development components mainly taking place on January 9 and 10. Registration is now open.