GILBERT, Ariz. — As of March 16, 2020, Julie Ryan, the NFHCA’s newly elected president, and Andy Whitcomb, the NFHCA’s past-president, have stepped down from their roles on the NFHCA Executive Board. First vice-president, Annie Hansbury, and Division III group representative, Michelle Andre, also tendered their resignations on March 18, 2020 and March 19, 2020, respectively.

Ryan, elected as president following the 2020 NFHCA Annual Convention, had been serving in that role since February. Prior to serving as the president, Ryan served two, two-year terms as the first vice-president and the chair of the Awards and Hall of Fame Committee where she spearheaded the effort to create the NFHCA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Whitcomb, who stepped down from her role as past-president, has served the association in a myriad of positions. Before serving as the past-president, Whitcomb held the title of NFHCA president for five years — serving two, two-year terms, then stepping in to serve the remainder of Marybeth Freeman’s presidential term of office. As president, Whitcomb was integral in adding a club group to the NFHCA and a club group representative to the Executive Board, she also led the Executive Board during the creation of the NFHCA’s recruiting events, notably the Winter Escape Showcase.

Prior to her election as president, Whitcomb served two, two-year terms as the Division III group representative.

Both women have served the NFHCA in further capacities, serving on selection committees and as engaged NFHCA members throughout their coaching tenures.

Hansbury, recently elected as first vice-president, had been serving in that role since the conclusion of the 2020 NFHCA Annual Convention.

Andre, who stepped down from her position as the Division III group representative, was in the second year of her second, two-year term.

As per the NFHCA Bylaws, Whitcomb’s position will remain unfilled. Carla Tagliente, Division I group representative, was appointed by a vote of the NFHCA Executive Board to act as interim president until a new presidential election can take place.

Katrina Ross, high school group representative, was appointed by a vote of the Executive Board to act as interim first-vice president.

From the NFHCA Executive Board

The NFHCA Executive Board is working diligently to fill the Executive Board positions that are currently vacant — Division I group representative, Division III group representative, and high school group representative — with interim appointees. Once the appointments have been made, they will be announced to the NFHCA membership.

The Executive Board is also in the process of establishing a clear election plan. Once a plan has been made, it will be communicated directly to the NFHCA membership.

The Executive Board feels that it is unfortunate that Andy, Julie, Annie, and Michelle have decided to step aside, but fully support their decisions to move on. We appreciate all that they have done for the Executive Board and for the NFHCA. The board is moving forward to fill open board positions with focused professionals who are committed to moving our organization forward and, more importantly, serving our members and the sport of field hockey.

The Executive Board asks that during this incredible 48-hour stretch, we all continue to be mindful that it is difficult to process all that is going on with mixed emotions. The board is very confident that in due time we will land in the right place and continue to move our organization forward.

The remaining members of the board are committed and steadfast through these extraordinary circumstances as well as optimistic in leading our membership in a positive direction.

Any questions from NFHCA members should be directed to their group representative or a member of the executive board.