Train midfielders to find other midfielders for lateral ball transfer and change the point of attack.

Midfield Transfer Reps.

NFHCA Field Hockey Drill of the Week, 4-2-1 Drill

Objective: To train midfielders to find other midfielders for transfer and lateral ball movement across the pitch, thus changing the point of attack.​

Set Up: Teams are in a 6 v 6 set up. The defensive team (Red) puts five players in the shaded midfield area and one marking the upfield forward in the circle. The White team has 3 to 4 midfielders in the shaded area and midfield zone and one high forward In the circle and a center back behind the shaded area.

The Drill:

  • The four white midfielders must start the ball on the sideline with a self-start and move the ball laterally through the shaded area together before they can pass/track through the red cones – executing a transfer of the ball through the midfield.

  • Once they cross through the red midfield cones, everyone on both teams goes to goal.

  • Midfielders must work the ball through the shaded area first – they cannot go forward or backwards to the center back until they cross through the middle set of red cones.


  • Start the drill back another 25 yards to use 3/4 of the entire field and increase the number of forwards in the circle so they can work on their cutting and movement upfield.

  • If defenders come up with the ball, they need to either pass to a teammate or track it over the closest 25 or 50 yard line.