Elevate team transfers and become more adept at feeding balls into traffic out of an outlet.

3 Cages/3 Scenarios.

NFHCA Field Hockey Drill of the Week, 4-2-1 Drill

Objective: To elevate team transfer balls and become more adept at feeding balls into traffic out of an outlet. Recognize your player up or down situation in each of the three scenarios as a defender and attacker.

Set Up: 

  • Diagram A: Set up three cages on the end line, or a gate if you do not have three goalkeepers. The center section should be larger than those on the outside. Put players in each cage area to make a 3v2, 4v3 and 2v3. Orange players are on defense and White players are on attack. Transfer (T) players are outside each cage area.

The Drill:

  • The coach feeds any of the Transfer (T) players and they transfer the ball around mimicking an outlet. The Transfer (T) players can track into their cage area or pass the ball in and join to make the 3v2, 4v3 or 2v3.

  • The 3v2 or 4v3 or 2v3 is played out until the ball is scored or a defender makes a take. If the ball is scored the coach starts another ball into play with another one of the Transfer (T) players.

  • Diagram B: When a defender makes a take or interception (3), they can look to pass out to any of the Transfer (T) players (4) to move the ball out of their Zone. The Transfer (T) player then feeds the ball (5) into any of the other two zones or transfers to another Transfer (T) player. Transfer players need to return to the outside of the boxes after the ball leaves their area.

  • Keep track of goals scored. Switch teams halfway through so each team plays attack and defense in the drill.


  • Players cannot leave their grids inside the 25 yard line area.

  • Players cannot cross through the red cones to play the ball. If a ball ends up going through the red cones the other set plays the ball without their Transfer (T) player joining. This happens a lot with goalkeeper clears, every needs to be ready to play In all three grid areas.

  • Coaches can change the numbers up and down in each box.