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NFHCA Circle-Ups


The NFHCA Circle-Ups have evolved into the NFHCA Campfire Mentoring Program. To learn more about the new program and to apply, visit our Campfire page.

Inspired by the NFHCA Coffee Talk with Marlene Bjornsrud where she discussed the concept of “Moai,” the NFHCA began a community program called “Circle-Ups.”

The NFHCA Circles are spaces to gather within a small community and find meaningful connection with a group of fellow coaches. The NFHCA’s Circle-Ups are entirely member-driven — members are placed in a group and will take ownership of their meeting space and the purpose of their Circle.

Sign up to participate below! The submission form closes at 5:00 p.m. EST on February 15, 2021.

What is a “moai?”

Mo•ai (/mo,eye/) Japan


  1. A group of lifelong friends
  2. A social support group that forms in order to provide varying support from social, financial, health, or spiritual interests

In small neighborhoods across Okinawa, Japan, friends “meet for a common purpose” (sometimes daily and sometimes a couple days a week) to gossip, experience life, and to share advice and even financial assistance when needed. They call these groups their moai.

Traditionally, groups of about five young children were paired together and it’s then that they made a commitment to each other for life. As their second family, they would meet regularly with their moai for both work and play and to pool resources. Some moais have lasted over 90 years!

Definition courtesy of Blue Zones®