BROCKPORT, N.Y. — Celia Slater, owner and founder of True North Sports and the Coach Development Academy, will present “How to Build Team Trust: It All Starts with You” to attendees of the 2022 NFHCA Annual Convention.

Trust is a consistent issue on teams and between people. Many people say it is one of the most important factors for success and yet very few people can describe it, define it, or assess what they are doing to build trust or destroy trust within their team or work culture. In this session Slater will discuss trust, define it, and share some of the best resources out there that can help build trust with others and maybe, even more importantly, how to build it with ourselves.

Coaches will be able to attend Slater’s session in the afternoon on Wednesday, January 12, 2022.

Celia Slater

Pioneering, forward-thinking, and solution-focused, Celia Slater is the owner and founder of True North Sports and the Coach Development Academy. She is a nationally-recognized leader committed to providing personal and professional development opportunities for coaches of all sports. Slater brings nearly 33 years of unmatched experience in college athletics as both an organizational head and a collegiate basketball coach, most recently serving as co-founder and executive director of both the NCAA Women Coaches Academy (NCAA WCA) and The Alliance of Women Coaches (now WeCoach).

Slater’s core beliefs rest in the power of emotional investment in reaching one’s own “true north” to achieve the height of victory as a coach, not just in accolades, but by successfully understanding one’s self, being authentic, and communicating with one’s players to have a mutually-beneficial relationship.

Slater’s creativity, passion for equality in athletics, and extensive experience as a “coach of coaches,” make her a highly sought after speaker and consultant.

In her free time, Slater is an adventure-seeker who enjoys traveling, speaking, motivating, and learning new ways to impact herself and the communities she works with.

2022 NFHCA Annual Convention

The 2022 NFHCA Annual Convention incorporates NFHCA business meetings, on-field educational sessions, a variety of speakers, the NFHCA Awards Dinner sponsored by AstroTurf, and multiple opportunities for attendees to connect with their colleagues. The NFHCA Annual Convention is where coaches from all levels gather yearly to connect, learn, and grow.

The Annual Convention is held in conjunction with the NFHCA Winter Escape Showcase — a holistic recruiting experience — and the NFHCA Divot Golf Classic.

The 2022 NFHCA Annual Convention will take place between January 11 — 13, 2022 at the Orlando Marriott Lake Mary in Lake Mary, Florida. NFHCA members can register online.