Artist, Kah Yangni, commissioned for virtual art installation at VCC 2021

Aug 5, 2020 | 2020-2021, News, Virtual Coaches' Caucus

BROCKPORT, N.Y. — Kah Yangni, a Philadelphia-based illustrator and muralist, has been commissioned to create a virtual art installation for the 2021 Virtual Coaches’ Caucus. The installation is meant to reflect the dynamic nature of the upcoming event and inspire attendees with a work of art centered on the sport of field hockey.

“Field hockey is an art, so we are excited to elevate the intrinsic beauty of the game with Kah’s talent,” remarked first vice-president, Chrissy Summers. “Great visual art evokes a feeling in the viewer and after becoming familiar with Kah’s work, I feel confident they will be able to convey the joy of our game.  As we come together to problem solve and grow as a community at the VCC, I look forward to the artwork inspiring all of us. I hope their creation starts a conversation about the power of creative, outside-the-box thinking.”

Yangni’s art will uniquely brand the VCC space and the forthcoming illustration will appear on the NFHCA’s digital platforms and may feature on other mediums as well.

Kah Yangni

Kah Yangni is a self-taught illustrator and muralist living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They make heartfelt art about justice, queerness, femme life, and joy.

They make art for activists and nonprofits and have created pieces for organizations like the The New York Times, Vice, Autostraddle, the Seattle Seahawks, the National Women’s Law Center, Project NIA, Survived and Punished NYC, the Transgender Law Center, and others.

2021 Virtual Coaches’ Caucus

The Virtual Coaches’ Caucus (VCC) is slated to be a dynamic, online gathering of NFHCA members and field hockey coaches. The VCC will incorporate NFHCA business meetings, educational sessions, a variety of speakers, awards ceremonies, and opportunities for attendees to connect with their field hockey colleagues.

The VCC will take place between January 5 — 10, 2021, with professional development components mainly taking place on January 9 and 10. Registration will open in September.