2021 NFHCA Division I All-American Teams announced

Dec 14, 2021 | 2021-2022, Division I, News

Maddie Zimmer, Northwestern University
BROCKPORT, N.Y. — This year, 48 Division I student-athletes have been recognized by the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) as All-Americans for their performances throughout the 2021 season — the selections are divided into first, second, and third teams.

Twenty-three student-athletes were selected as All-Americans for the first time in their careers, 12 were honored for the second time, and 11 student-athletes were selected for the third year. Two senior student-athletes, Erin Matson from the University of North Carolina and Maddy Murphy from the University of Iowa, received All-American recognition for the fourth time.

Honorees are listed below, first by All-American team, then alphabetically by last name.

First Team All-American

Mackenzie Allessie, Penn State University (Midfielder)
Bente Baekers, Northwestern University (Forward)
Alli Bitting, University of Louisville (Defender)
Jill Bolton, Liberty University (Forward)
Brooke DeBerdine, University of Maryland (Midfielder)
Amber Ezechiels, University of Virginia (Defender)
Sophia Gladieux, Penn State University (Forward)
Gianna Glatz, Rutgers University (Goalkeeper)
Fusine Govaert, Boston College (Defender)
Azul Iritxity Irigoyen, Liberty University (Goalkeeper)
Erin Matson, University of North Carolina (Forward)
Anthe Nijzel, University of Iowa (Defender)
Hannah Pearce, Harvard University (Defender)
Sofia Southam, University of Michigan (Forward)
Beth Yeager, Princeton University (Midfielder)
Maddie Zimmer, Northwestern University (Midfielder)

Second Team All-American

Noor Coenen, American University (Midfielder)
Quirine Cormans, Syracuse University (Forward)
Julia Duffhuis, University of Delaware (Defender)
Pleun Lammers, Syracuse University (Forward)
Meike Lanckohr, Wake Forest University (Midfielder)
Katie Larmour, Rutgers University (Midfielder)
Cassandra Mascarenhas, University of Maine (Midfielder)
Grace McGuire, University of Iowa (Goalkeeper)
Georgie McTear, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Midfielder)
Maddy Murphy, University of Iowa (Midfielder)
Halle O’Neill, University of Michigan (Midfielder)
Daniella Rhodes, Liberty University (Forward)
Hope Rose, University of Maryland (Forward)
Audrey Sawers, Lafayette College (Midfielder)
Ellie Shahbo, Harvard University (Goalkeeper)
Freke van Tilburg, Saint Joseph’s University (Defender)

Third Team All-American

Charlotte de Vries, Syracuse University (Forward)
Marlon DeBruijne, Old Dominion University (Forward)
Esme Gibson, University of Iowa (Midfielder)
Emily Guckian , Harvard University (Midfielder)
Lenke Havas, Lehigh University (Midfielder)
Sarah Johnson, Boston College (Defender)
Julie Kouijzer, University of Louisville (Defender)
Kathryn Peterson, University of Michigan (Midfielder)
Aimee Plumb, University of Louisville (Forward)
Rachel Robinson, University of Virginia (Defender)
Femke Strien, University of Delaware (Midfielder)
Maite Sturm, Virginia Commonwealth University (Midfielder)
Eefke van den Nieuwenhof, Syracuse University (Defender)
Bloem van den Brekel, University of New Hampshire (Defender)
Anouk Veen, University of Michigan (Defender)
Eveline Zwager, James Madison University (Forward)

The NFHCA Division I All-American announcement is the third in a list of postseason awards from the NFHCA. The association has already released the 2021 NFHCA Division I All-Region teams and the 2021 NFHCA Division I Regional Players of the Year. The NFHCA National Player of the Year will be announced on December 16.

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