NCAA rules modifications for 2018 are now available

The 2018 NCAA Rules Modifications, announced on Friday, July 6, 2018 by USA Field Hockey Director of Umpiring, Steve Horgan, are now available on the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) website. You can find the full document here. You can find the current rules modifications as well as past rules modifications in the Rules Information section (housed under the Coaches Corner tab) of the NFHCA website.

Major changes to the NCAA field hockey rules include a reduction in time during "Sudden Victory" overtime procedures and an editorial clarification about goalkeeper uniform colors.

Prior to the 2018 playing season, the overtime procedure consisted of two "Sudden Victory" overtime periods lasting 15 minutes—"Sudden Victory" overtime has now been reduced to two periods lasting ten minutes. The 2018 Rules Modifications also clarify that a goalkeeper's uniform should be in clear contrast to any team playing in white, stating "any light color that is not in clear contrast with white is not acceptable when a team is playing in white."

The rules modification document is reviewed on an annual basis by the sport committee with the rules interpreter and playing rules liaison. In addition to being available on the NFHCA website, the rules can also be accessed on the playing rules page of the NCAA website (